Contribute to thiagopsilva/Apostila-android development by creating an account on GitHub. Veja grátis o arquivo Apostila PyOpenGL enviado para a disciplina de Sistemas In this new from import * format, we can use OpenGL module commands. in due course. 2. Introduction OpenGL (Open Graphics Library) is a cross- platform, hardware-accelerated, apostila CPA 10 Uploaded by Marcella Costa.

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This page was last edited on 9 Octoberat You should now see something like Figure 4. There are several resources on the web that can help you out. As for the vertices, this part of the function stores all of the triangles in the model.

This is not difficult at all now that we have a careful oprngl of the data structures in memory. Click on the line that contains the glutInitDisplayMode command. Click the link above! Lastly, the material information is taken from the buffer.

The Code – Loading the Model Now, on to loading the model. There are OpenGL commands. Now, a pointer is acquired to out current position in the file, pPtr. From Wikibooks, open books for an open world. Press the “End” key on the keyboard or click at the end of this line.

A mesh is a group of triangles that all have the same material applied to them. Back To NeHe Productions! And if I get around apostipa it, I will write more loader classes to make the program more versatile.

It loops through each of the triangles for the mesh, and then draws each of its three vertices, including the normal and texture coordinates. Since the number of triangles varies from mesh to mesh, there is no standard structure to read. In a future tutorial for NeHe Productions, I will explain how to extend this class structure to incorporate skeletal animation.


First, and most important, we need vertices: So at this point, the protected member variables of the Model class are filled with the model information. Also, new memory is allocated for the texture filename, and it is copied into there.

Note the two indented lines after def draw:. You will know when you are using commands from each specific OpenGL module by looking at the first few letters of the OpenGL command. The def keyword marks the beginning of a opengll block of code in Python. Having all the OpenGL commands available will save time!

OpenGL Programming/Stencil buffer

The material properties are set according to the values stored in the model. The mesh structure is as follows: It is true that it’s counter-intuitive to express your action on the stencil buffer using the sfail action, because of the double-negation instead of “do this when this condition is met”, you have to write “don’t do this when this condition is not met.

GLGLU commands. So the following line is added to InitGL: To test it out – try making your own models in Milkshape or use its import functionand load them instead by changing the line in WinMain. There are quite a few points to understand to manipulate the stencil buffer correctly, so let’s take time to learn them.

The fields of the header are checked to make sure that this is a valid file we are reading.

Jeff Molofee’s OpenGL Windows Tutorial #32

What doesn’t remain intact are the textures that were bound to texture objects when we loaded the object. Apostilla this case it makes sense, because we draw a 2D pattern, but it’s perfectly possible to draw a 3D pattern in the same scene, as in the Mini-Portal tutorial. This is done with the following code: The collection of meshes make up the entire model. If you need to combine post-processing and stenciling, you’ll need to avoid framebuffer objects and use the glCopyTexSubImage2D technique instead.


This doesn’t mean they can’t be used by you – it means that if you cut-and-paste the code into your project, you have to give me proper credit. If it is set to 0, you’ll recall, there was no texture, so texturing is disabled.

Likewise, in the Super-3 program we only needed one string function string. Mostly it came from Lesson 6, with a small modification to the loading of textures and the drawing routine.

We could have created a def picasso: Finally there is a new DrawGLScene function: Python comes with its own editor called Idle. The above code loads the mesh data structures also called groups in Milkshape3D.

You’ll see that the background moves with the window! First memory is allocated in the model for the vertices, and then each is parsed from the file as the pointer is advanced.

OpenGL Programming/Stencil buffer – Wikibooks, open books for an open world

Now it’s time to introduce the stencil buffer. Opentl you don’t understand much about matrices and vectors, now is the time to read up them!

The step to skeletal animation is not as large as it may seem, although the math involved is much more tricky. Remember that each triangle in a mesh and likewise each vertex in a triangle is indexed into the total model arrays these are the two index aposgila used.