Arresting Developments by In love with a Crooked Smile Chasing Fire by owenic. There Will be Blood by johnnyboy7. Do Over by Tkegl (now. I also love Harry Potter but for some reason I can not get in to Harry Fanfics. Well anyway I Arresting Developments by In Love with a Crooked Smile. Violet by. And I had no idea what kind of garbage had come out of her mouth before She said that you told some of your friends in Boston that you were pretending to love your son’s mother so that . I asked Bella with a crooked grin.

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She tried to play it off like it was no big deal, but I could see it in her face that it really fucking hurt.

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I clenched my jaw shut, grinding my teeth as she continued to tell me what Tanya had said to her. Marital Bitch by Jillian Landers http: Bella and Edward wjth safe on their island but will the dark underworld of crime pull them back in? Will her direct supervisor Edward Cullen treat her like all other detectives, or will she have a lot to prove?

Xrooked really enjoyed this story, but the author never updates past last June. What is wrong with her? He soon realizes his fascination with the fiery Ddevelopments reporter, Isabella Woods – who’s identity is not all it seems. Hey, I am Gracie.


I am not pregnant. I heard her brushing her teeth and then she left the bathroom altogether. I want you to be able to walk down the street and not be reminded of what a fucking asshole I’ve been. Is he who he says he is, or is he working for the stalker?

Cop/Agentella – TwiFanfictionRecs

What the fuck are you doing here? Negotiations by Nobloodnofoul When a criminal from the past decides to take revenge on Agent Masen, his partner Agent Swan is caught in the crossfire.

I had to pull my hips away for a minute to get it situated in a more comfortable position. My heart was racing aresting I could already feel the sweat dripping down my neck. Bella and Alice were best friends, which made Bella the only girl off limits to Alice’s brother Edward.

You’ve been shutting me out for the last hour and a half. I hated seeing her like that. Fanfiction, Maxandmo, msile imarieswancullenRead arrwsting Fanfiction.

I waited for her to start the conversation. Luke slowly raised his hands into the air, just above his head.

Will Edward Cullen school her in the rules of the game or will she teach him a thing or two? A nanny is someone debelopments takes care of other people’s kids. You were always a good brother. I listened carefully and sure enough I heard a waking toddler crackling over the monitor.

A Little Patience Three officers, including detective Laurent, stood with their guns trained on Luke while the other had his pointed straight at me.

Of course it was all bullshit. Then, I got puked on by an eight year old who had obviously had SpaghettiO’s for lunch. His life’s ambition may become thwarted due to the inexplicable pull he feels for his captive especially when she proves too hard to resist. Articles on this Page showing articles 1 to 20 of Fluff and Foreboding Mom was waiting for us at the door. Neither Jasper nor Alice had ever told me about that. By the time we got back to the house five minutes later, Charlie was dozing peacefully.


She was slamming things down, obviously upset and for good reason. She had a questioning look on her face. In our attempts at getting our shit together, I ran into Bella, who had a scalding hot cup of coffee in her smmile. Is that what she told you? I threw my arm around her and she elbowed me in the ribs. Seven years have passed since Edward and Bella last dvelopments each other.

I repeated what Bella had told me to my parents only needing her to help me out a few times. You have become this incredible, nurturing man.

Share yours inside the fire! I didn’t want to force her to talk, but I needed to know what Tanya had said to her. My family loathed her.

I don’t know if she actually fell asleep, but she remained silent for the rest of the car ride.