While Art Of Attack In Chess is, indeed, about attacking play in chess, it is Vladimir Vukovic, was drawing me into to a treatise of precision and. I have browsed briefly in the Art of Attack book. Looks like a great book to The Vukovic book can help you improving your “sniffing” a pretty great deal. AnnaZC. Compiled by Jaredfchess –* Games from Vladimir Vukovic’s classic book “The Art of Attack” From “The Attack on the King That Has Lost The Right to Castle”.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Found the combinations too speculative for my level. Not quite, but in some cases a stategical judgement of a position may well reveal a hidden tactical device.

Ashvapathi 16 min ago. Would this be the same as imbalances as mentioned in the Jeremy Silman books. Among these are the attacker’s control of the center, prevention of counterplay on the side of the board opposite the opponent’s castled king, proper posting of the attacker’s pieces, and a weakening of the castled King’s defenses. You should still read the book. Over the Board, nobody will hint you that there is a combination here, at a certain moment.

Indispensable for learning the basic attacking strategies and tactics against castled and uncastled kings. Not enough benefits for World Chess Champion? Let your computer help you out for a change! That may sound daunting, but Art Of Attack is actually an amazing xhess to read. Jonathan rated it it was amazing Nov 21, Thanks for telling us about the problem. Jan 28, If, chesd the other hand, you meet those two requirements, I think you should be able to gain a considerable amount of useful information from Vukovic, and with concerted effort applied to each topic in this book you will be repaid with improvement in your game for a long, long time.


So, there you have it: I have browsed briefly in the Art of Attack book. Want to Read saving…. Elmar Bagirov rated it liked it May 28, How to exploit this white opening? If you are still working on basic tactics and haven’t yet learned a reasonable amount of positional play, this book isn’t for you. I’ve read my fair share of chess books but in today’s day and age computer software and sites such as this one I would consider much more useful.

Some of them have even worked! That’s what I did with Art Of Attack In Chesshowever I played through many more cjess than I would with most books and yet I left many enticing variants for later reads – otherwise I’d never get to write this review! Re-reading every so often as you improve you get more insight into attacking chess detailed in this book.


Too early and the attack will fizzle, while if the attack begins to late, the attacker may have missed his window of opportunity.

Refresh and try again. Chess Tactics For Champions. Feb 19, Awalludin rated it it was amazing.

Book Review: Art Of Attack In Chess

Jul 05, Katherine Simmons rated it it was amazing. I credit this book for helping me create some of my favorite loses – after reading this book I have been all about attacks and sacrifices. I think that books are just a waste of time while it comes to chess. The title of the the book under review at the moment is somewhat deceptive.

Apr 6, 8. Even if I felt that I benefitted minimally in terms of chess improvement from books, I still derive a lot of enjoyment from them, so as far as I am concerned they are definitely not a waste of time. If you don Another “must have” for any chess player. Lists with This Vladiir. Yes, books suit some people more than others.


Mar 22, Ernest Cadorin rated it it was ok Shelves: In truth, I generally learn most effectively buy working my way through a book from front to back, understanding the main points of the text, and then returning to the book a few months later to absorb the details. The signal to noise ratio in Art Of Attack is very high, and therefore the information is very densely packed. The best follow-up i can think of to josh waitzkin’s “attacking chess”.

While Art Of Attack In Chess is, indeed, about attacking play in chess, it is specifically about attacking the opponent’s castled King. Even as a beginner I think I got alot out of this book, probably will continue to do so for a long time.

Book Review: Art Of Attack In Chess –

Trivia About Art of Attack in Kyaterekera Brendah rated it it was amazing Oct 23, This is THE treatise on attacking in chess. The part about attacking the artt King was especially instructive and I really think I have won many games based on the less I picked up here. It also has a good adt on mating patterns. Excellent and highly recommended. Then again, though, attacking chess has always been my weak point. It just a matter of preference Mike rated it really liked it Apr 19, Jul 30, Buffalonickel rated it it was amazing Shelves: