Results 1 – 30 of Doorway Papers by Arthur C. Custance and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Results 1 – 16 of 16 Doorway Papers No by Custance, Arthur and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Arthur C. Custance () had a Ph.D. in Education, and wrote a number of books (including the well-known “Doorway Papers” series), such as Without.

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How Did Jesus Die? Flood Traditions of the World These traditions are “variations on a theme”, bearing witness to a single event. Private and corporate worship can be helped or hindered by environment cutance such as cathedrals vs meeting halls, beauty vs functionalism, liturgy vs extempore prayer. Two Man Called Adam. Hidden Things in God’s Revelation 2.


Genealogies, seemingly “dry” lists of names, do provide a framework for historical events, and also tell us much about relationships, social customs, spiritual history and lessons.

Hebrew words often have dual meanings which shed light on God’s concern for man’s salvation: The viewpoint custabce by Custance is popular in Christian evangelical circles, although usually given without the type of in depth exposition supplied by Custance.

Evolution or Creation 4 Mb Volume 5. Handicaps which seem to prevent our best achievements may in fact be accomplishing God’s goal – the making of saints, not successful executives. University of California, Los Angeles. Date Issued Date of first publication. When does fact become fancy?

History is a dismal record of man’s destructive wickedness; and how we account for this fact determines how we deal with society’s ills. How to Evaluate Commentaries on Genesis Covers some 70 books from liberal, conservative and evangelical perspectives, from “popular” and scholarly, modern and older writers. The Omnipotence of God in the Affairs of Men The Sovereignty of God in the Affairs of Men A discussion of God’s sovereignty and personal responsibility, of the basis of God’s judgment of human behaviour, and of the distinctions between evil and sin, goodness and righteousness, fruits and works, justification and forgiveness.


It seems that this world is peculiarly suited to such a creature as man – as if the universe was made for the world and the world for man and his redemption.

Yet eternity is not an extension of time. The ‘how’ of the harmony found in the web of life appears to be in the complexity of the genes: Evidence shows that religion has not evolved upwards but degenerated: He originally published, through Doorway Publications, a series of scholarly papers relating biblical truths to scientific facts.

Its arch-destroyer is man! Cultural Anthropology gives a clue as to why the innocent party, not the guilty, was cursed.

The Arthur C. Custance Centre | For Science and Christianity

Genealogies of the Bible: These works have influenced Christians world-wide, and this centre continues to promote his vision to bring together the established facts of Science and the revealed truths of Scripture. Light from Other Forms of Cultural Behaviour on Some Incidents in Scripture The Relevance of Cultural Studies to Scripture Incidents in some 19 passages of Scripture which seem odd or unfair to us are shown to be quite normal and reasonable in other cultures.

From Scientific Creationism to Doroway Design. In the Bible there are two men called Adam: Custance asserts that the sin nature or the propensity to sin in Hebraic writings the yetzer hara is passed through the male line genetically, starting from the first Adam, thus allowing a full human genetic complement through Mary. Arthur Custance also doorwway 6 books providing fresh insights into our creation and redemption, and our journey into the glorious world to come.

The Virgin Birth and the Incarnation 4.

Before and After Conversion. Who Taught Adam to Speak Language neither evolved nor is instinctive. A Retranslation of Genesis 1: Another has the virgin birth dorway a divine implantation in which Mary did not contribute dustance. An imaginative reconstruction of the earth’s early global history: Asbell studied directly with Arthur Custance and write of these ideas in Scripture Research [ permanent dead link ] Vol 4, No 5, Divine Intervention The Intervention of God in Nature If the universe was created like a watch and wound up, is God necessary now, as Science declares?


He attended the University of Toronto where he obtained B.

Yet from the data given in Genesis studies in the sciences affirm the reality of these, and present, life spans. Some Little Considered Physical Aspects The Problem of Evil in God’s World Scripture declares that natural disasters, accidents, pain and suffering are evils which is not the same as sin and proceed from God – as do blessings!

Time has no existence, said Einstein, apart from the physical universe. There are additional theories that only look at the virgin birth as historically, but not intrinsically, significant to the question of the sinless Messiah.

Arthur Custance

A strict adherence to the literal pqpers leaves us with little alternative than to view Noah’s Flood as universal insofar as mankind is concerned, but local insofar as geography is concerned.

Custance Centre For Science and Christianity. Discusses the Lord’s death not as a theological event but as a physical event: Form can tells us something about function, but not about relationships. Custsnce Noah’s Three Sons Influenced Subsequent History A biblical philosophy in cameo of how history since the Flood was and is influenced by the nations descended from Noah’s dustance sons through the unique endowment given to each branch, according to God’s design as stated cryptically in Gen.

We can know because the KJV adopted a method of translating the Hebrew which informs us which Person of the Trinity is speaking or working.