: Ashes, Ashes (): Jo Treggiari: Books. Ashes, Ashes and millions of other books are available for instant access. Kindle | Audible. “In Ashes, Ashes by Jo Treggiari, Lucy is prepared to acknowledge that ninety- nine percent of the population is gone and that her choices are few. What she isn’ t. In Jo Treggiari’s grim adventure Ashes, Ashes, Mother Earth is pissed, and has decided to give us a time out once and for all. First comes the horrifically mutated .

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Pocketful of Posies

Ashes, Ashes by Jo Treggiari 1 3 Dec 29, No good reason is given in the story for why she’s so nefarious. He straightened up and thought. Read more Read less. A tantalizing side story was trsggiari regarding the plague survivors, but it was left to simmer along with the other ingredients in this plot stew.

Showing of 99 reviews. Now, to me, that sounds like a great plan, even, dare I say it, a heroic one. Hardcoverpages. Someone just left it lying around on the sidewalk.

Time seemed to freeze, and then accelerate again as he landed on the edge of the next roof, his momentum pushing him forward, his feet slipping and sliding on loose rubble and then he was down on his knees, hands thrown out. The wizened old grandmother.


Kjorg rated it liked it Jan 29, It meant he was always prepared.

On the back of the book there is the phrase “The world has ended Why stay in the same spot! You can read the first 3 chapters here or read it on wattpad: Maddie rated it it was amazing Feb 06, The population of the world has been decimated and there is an ongoing threat that the plague will re-surface.

Lucy is a very industrious girl; she lives on her own and survives by herself. I liked the character of Lucy. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. The view through the scuffed peephole was distorted but there was definitely a group congregating over there. I will always love this type of book because ashhes normally have nonstop action, and this one is just like most of the others with that and more. At the moment he was mostly legs and long arms. The author allows the reader into this post-apocalyptic world; the environment is tangible to the reader.

In the dim light, the painted eyes blazed with suspicious rage. Dom had already eaten his sandwich; something thick with slabs of sshes and crusty home-style bread, just to prove he could afford it, and now he was looking around at the small clusters of students dotting the quad.

After a tsunami destroys her home, Lucy decides to join Aidan. And yet it is a story of hope and survival and of friendship and love.


: Ashes, Ashes (): Jo Treggiari: Books

The book is not written treggisri in the present tense, there are flashbacks to the past. After the fourth major earthquake to rock Manhattan had destroyed the streets to the point that cars were useless, the mayor had brought in a boat- load of free-use bikes, adult trikes, scooters and skateboards. Feel free to judge this one by it’s cover, I’d say.

Refresh and try again. He removed the string of garlic from his neck and slung it over the back of a chair. Join the site and send us your review! First comes the horrifically mutated new smallpox strain, that leaves only one person in a million alive though how a bacillus can be so mathematically OCD is a matter left for speculation.

She knew he kept a snub-nosed gun there. And I was left so confused, it ruined the rest of a really good book for me. Now that the world she knew is gone and with it the people she loved, Lucy is on her own.