ASHRAE Guideline ▫ TPS, Sections , and Annexes are part of the mandatory requirements to. “state” that you are complying with. Guideline . This technical guideline was put together by technical committees at ASHRAE. construction are defined by ASHRAE Guideline shown as follows. Re- Commissioning Process:“An application of the. Commissioning.

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The responsibility for complete checking of the drawings for coordination and accuracy remains with the Design Team. Guideline 0 has been developed to present an approach based on these assumptions. The workshop needs to be well organized, and it is very desirable to have the results formatted for immediate input into a computer analysis program for rapid feedback on consensus of the group.

This guideline does not specifically address retro-commissioning. Ashtae and selection process Vuideline is organized around and focuses upon assemblies and systems that have been identified as targets of the Commissioning Process.

ASHRAE Guideline —The Commissioning Process_图文_百度文库

Due to the integration and interdependency of facility systems, a performance deficiency in one system can result in less than optimal performance by other systems.

Directs the execution of the tests by the Contractors. A typical process uses a modified Nominal Group Technique workshop format. Specify and verify that the operation and maintenance of the systems and assemblies has been adequately detailed in the Construction Documents. Insert systems descriptions as provided by the design professional s in the Systems Manual. The Commissioning Authority directs the completion of seasonal system and assembly testing by the Contractor and documents the results.

  AS 1170.4 PDF

Typically, the Commissioning Authority has sufficient experience in the planning, design, construction, and operation of facilities to provide the oversight of such a task. Organize and lead the Commissioning Team. The Commissioning Authority recommends acceptance of the documents to the Owner and provides copies for review. Annex A in this guideline provides the required format for developing technical guidelines for the Commissioning Process.

Professional and services agreements must be modified to reflect the scope of work. The Contractor implements the training program. For equipment, this section focuses on the physical installation and its start-up when applicable. Reduced downtime due to better diagnosis of failures. Including operation and maintenance personnel on the Commissioning Team will help ensure that important operation and maintenance issues are included in the Owner’s Project Requirements.

ASHRAE Guidelines are scheduled to be updated on a five-year cycle; the date following the guideline number is the year of approval. The experiences of the programming team, users, designers, Commissioning Authority, and the Owner with similar and previous facilities and projects can aid in establishing a scope for the Commissioning Process. The Commissioning Authority develops a draft of each document and provides it to the Commissioning Team. Specific occupant requirements — Specific items that are deemed important to the various occupants in a building must be identified and documented.

Commissioning Essentials

Implement the training program as detailed in the Contract Documents. Facility performance is in accordance with the Owner’s Project Requirements. Develop needs for tests and tests that need to be performed. The Owner reviews the modified documents and accepts. The Commissioning Authority may assist with problem-solving or resolving nonconformance or deficiencies, but ultimately that responsibility resides with the general contractor and design professionals.


The Contractor submits to the Commissioning Authority changes to the accepted submittals throughout construction. In speculatively built buildings, this giudeline would detail the limits to which occupants can make use of their spaces. The individuals who through coordinated actions are responsible for implementing the Commissioning Process.

Commissioning Essentials

Obtain cooperation and participation of all subcontractors and manufacturers. The Commissioning Authority works with the Commissioning Team to resolve any issues. Data should include the final accepted test, as well as earlier tests that failed to meet the specified criteria.

The training program should be organized into a series of instructional modules, each covering ashhrae portion of the facility’s systems, equipment, and assemblies. The Commissioning Process is a quality-based method that is adopted by an Owner to achieve successful construction projects. Describe your proposed approach to managing the project expertly and efficiently, including your team participation.

Evaluation of the Commissioning Process used and changes that will improve the delivered project and form the basis for the Final Commissioning Process Report developed during the Occupancy and Operations Phase.