ASME PTC Air Heaters. ; Status: Active, Most Current; Document Language: English; Published By: ASME International (ASME). The Code on Definitions and Values (ASME PTC 2) defines the meaning and values of basic technical terms and numerical constants that are. Asme Ptc Air Heaters Bw () – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Thirty-thousand of these members are students. Enter your account email address to request a password reset: Thesepredicted the performancetemperature;that is, the expectedexit flue gastemperaturesfor the actual operating conditions. Calculation of the first two temperaturecorrectionsis explicitly defined by the ASME code. These improvements will allow utilities to comply with the CleanAir Act Amendmentsof If the vendor baseshis X-ratio correction curve on an X-ratio with a design leak, this plot should be correctedto zero leak before generating Equation 6.

Moreover, ptx inlcak makesit difftcult to determinethe exiting flue gas temperature and the performance of the air heater. Substituting Equation 8 into Equation 7 yields: The inclusion of crossproducts,i terms, addssignificantly to the number of terms that must be evaluated. The uncertainty is shown as a percent of the final calculatedvalue.

Background As part of the I-J. However, using the coal feedrate,from calibrated feeders,and gas compositions as a basecreatesa commonbond betweenthe air and flue gas 43. The estimatesof bias errors and random errors for the individual parameterswere derived for the equipment and methodology used in obtaining the datarequired for a test program. Background Error propagation is calculatedby Taylor Seriesexpansionof the resultant function.


Becauseof the non-linearity of the final equation, numerical approximationswete usedto determinethe differentials neededfor the propagation procedure. While normally severalair streamsarc present primary and secondary ,in this paper we examineonly one sectionof the .43 heater.


The gas composition was determinedgenerally following the proceduresof EPA Method 3?. Errors in measurementsare of two types: For the examplepresented,the estimateduncertainty is 4. The computedvalue of the TCFGOT should be less than or equal to the design flue gas temperature,if the air heateris performing properly.

Enter your personal account email address to request a password reset: Since the X-ratio is defined aathe weight times heat capacityratio of the air over that of the flue gas, the X-ratio can be approximatedas the ratio of the temperaturechangesfor the two fluids: To overcomethis, the PTC specifiesthat the measuredflue gas outlet ssme be correctedfor differencesfrom design inlet air temperature,design inlet flue gas temperature,design X-ratio, and designflue gasrate.

The ASME code predicts the temperaturecorrectedto the designvalue while the performancecurvespredict the expectedtemperatureat operating conditions. This is reflected in quation 10 where the X-ratio is correctedto the design leak of zero before being applied to the calculation of the temperaturecorrection.

Asme Ptc 4.3 Air Heaters Bw (1991)

In the caseof the Milliken study, the correlation equationsagreedwith results from the plots within the ability to read the plots. The bias error associatedwith asem thermocoupleis the samefor all points. In operating plants, it is generally impossibleto establishdesign conditions to verify performance. Normally the manufacturer will supply the purchaserwith designperformancecurves or equations,but not with those to calculatethe temperaturecorrectionsspecified by the PTC.


For easeof analysis and of estimating the uncertainty, theseplots were convertedinto mathematical expressionsof the form: The appendixpresentsa brief discussionof this with a more detailed discussionavailable in the project reports5 As discussed in the Appendix, examination of the derivation of thesesampleerrorssuggeststhat for standard, multipoint traversesof utility-scale equipment,the bias and random errorsshown in Table II for these averagetemperaturesand compositionsare typical.

The air heaterson Unit 2 were replacedto improve unit efficiency as part of the demonstration program.


If there were no crossproduct terms, a duct traverseof 12 samplepoints in Equation A5 would require 72 terms. The forms of these equationsagreewith the shapesof the curvesin Figures 2 and 3. Similarly, for the deviation from the design entering flue gas temperature,the temperature correotion is: For the deviation from the design entering air temperature,rclJM,this is: The appendix discussesthe proceduresused to determinethe individual measurementsand the uncertainty of these measurements.

Are you sure you want to empty the cart? With the crossproducts, this increasesto terms. The bias and random errors arepropagated separatelyand 4.3 form the B and S componentsof Equation asne All of the other parametersare constants.

The averageis basedon a traverseof an inlet or outlet duct.