We have a history. 50 years of experience. Our sterile surgical sutures have. Polypropylene. Blue monofilament. Material type. Polypropylene. Structure. Surgical Steel. Monofilament. Material type. Stainless steel. Structure.

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Our assortment allows us to challenge the largest multinational competitors and we present ourselves as an alternative to these large groups. Dashboard Dashboard home Activityboard. USP to natural Characteristics: In addition to its large range of needles and surgical sutures, a line sutuers microsurgical knives has been created in Polyglycolic acid PGA Structure: Our range of products.

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Braided, coated Coating material: Universal medical commodities Catgut Chromic Material type: Smooth passage through tissue ;Flexible and ties securely Shelf life: Other surgical instruments and products. With our factory situated in the Swiss watch-industrial region where the production of fine precision products are a part of the Swiss heritage, our in-house technicians and outside technical consultants are a recognized asset.


The Assut Medical group of companies employ over people and are constantly on alert to satisfy daily challenging needs in the surgical and medical field around the world with their dedicated and enthusiastic staff and employees.

Exhibitor data Our range of products Our products About us. Disposable articles for surgeries. Universal medical commodities PGA Synthetic absorbable Sktures connective tissue collagen extracted from the beef-serosa Catgut Chromic.

Our internally designed and self-built, latest generation automatic needle production machines, operating sinceresult from this heritage. SP to natural Characteristics: Disposable Assut knives are made in a full assortment to satisfy ophthalmic surgery requirements.

Universal medical commodities Purified connective tissue collagen extracted from the beef-serosa Material type: Chromic catgut is additionally tanned by treatment with trivalent chromium salts. Purified connective tissue collagen extracted from the beef-serosa Structure: Assut sutures are designed and made for all surgical specialties, from the finest needle and USP size of thread to the largest retention needle and thickest USP suture size.


Purified connective tissue collagen extracted from the beef-serosa.