BANGLADESH NATIONAL. BUILDING CODE. Inbri Housing and Building Research Institute .. LIST OF PARTICIPANTS OF THE WORKSHOP ON BNBC. Bangladesh national Building Code Part 1 – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text BNBC Part 03 – General Building Requirements, Control and Regulation. Bangladesh National Building Code BNBC. Copyright: © All Rights . buildings and structures or their components regulated by this code. Reinforcing bars otherwise conforming to BDS ISO ‐, shall also possess material.

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All openings in such separations shall be protected with a fire assembly door or window of a fire protection rating of at least one and one-half hour.

Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC) – All About Free Books

If piled foundations are used, they shall be designed to withstand with adequate factor of safety the loss of support due to scour. Exit requirements shall comply with Part 4 of this Code. Infectious substances Class 7: Thickness of a wooden floor shall not be less than 50 mm. The floors and spaces where motor vehicles are stored, repaired or operated shall be of noncombustible, liquid-tight construction.

Very insensitive substances which do not have a mass explosion hazard. The provisions of Sec 2. These classes including their divisions are listed below: Spaces of a building in the SPAs below the design surge height shall not obstruct any flow of water during the occurrence of surge. These buildings shall ordinarily provide accommodation for sleeping, dining and other provisions approved by the authority for the occupants.

When water skimmers are used for private pools there shall be one skimming device for each 50 m2 of surface area or fraction thereof. I Picture framing stores Raw, manufacture There shall be an average clearance of 4 m surrounding and at the level of the landing area which shall not be less than 2 m at any point.

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F Storage, repair, or painting, including the incidental J sales of boats, boat parts, or accessories, with F restrictions on boat size and setbacks There shall be at least two openings for each enclosure in a building. F Supply stores, no repair services Such rooms or groups of rooms shall comply with the requirements of fire protection as specified in Part 4, Chapters 4 and 5.

The detail classification including mixed occupancy provided in the Table 3.

Utility This occupancy type shall include any building or portion thereof used to install any type of equipment to provide support service to any building or portion thereof or group of buildings of all occupancy groups and with special provisions for occupancy Bangladedh.

There shall be vents, valves or other openings in the walls of the enclosed spaces which shall equalize the lateral pressure of the water. Mercantile This occupancy type shall include any building or portion thereof or group of buildings which is used for display and sale of merchandises. Industrial buildings wherein artificial lighting and mechanically operated ventilation systems of approved quality are installed nationnal not be provided with natural ventilation or natural lighting.

Non-flammable, non-toxic gases Division 2. The wall opening required for projection need not have a fire protection assembly but shall be closed with glass or other approved materials. The maintenance inspection shall be performed quarterly. A chemical that has a median lethal dose of 50 mg or less per kg of body weight when administered orally to albino rats weighing between and gm each.

Any swimming pool other than private swimming pool shall be classified as a public swimming pool. The specification of this Section shall apply to all parts of buildings and structures that contain stages or platforms and other similar appurtenances as herein defined. In floors and areas where no repair works are carried out may be surfaced or waterproofed with asphaltic paving materials. The openings shall be protected with a fire resistance banglaesh doors or windows providing fire resistance of at least three hour.


The venting design shall recognize the natural characteristics bamgladesh behaviors of building materials in an explosion.

Bangladesh National Building Code

Exit requirements shall comply with Chapter 3 of Part 4. The equipment or systems that are used to collect or process or convey combustible dust or fibers shall be installed with explosion venting or containment system.

Prevention of failure of slopes shall be achieved by the following measures: Exit requirements shall comply with the requirements of Chapter 3, Part 4. G or J depending on process or material used Limited as to number of lanes For the purpose of this Section, if a public road adjoining all along a property line shall get the benefit of half of Road width as a part of Fire separation distance.

Tire sales establishments, limited to quantity… K Tire sales establishments, unlimited… F Wrecking establishments… F Limited as to total area… J Unlimited Hotels Proprietary and related facilities The requirement of lightning protection systems shall be assessed and they shall be designed and installed in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 2 Part 8.

Explosion venting shall be designed in exterior walls or roof only. Miscellaneous Dangerous Substances and Articles The quantity and procedure for storage, merchandising, handling, processing, packaging, bnnbc, shipment and uses of all dangerous goods of above classification shall be regulated as per guidelines of Explosive Act and other relevant Acts and as per rules of Natiohal Shipping Corporation for safe handling of container for dangerous goods.