SQL Antipatterns, by Bill Karwin, Pragmatic Bookshelf, mention of a broad variety of databases such as MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server. Common blunders of SQL database design, queries, and software SQL Antipatterns Strike Back Bill Karwin 1 Monday, April 20, 1. Bill Karwin has helped thousands of people write better SQL and buildstronger relational databases. Now he’s sharing his collection of antipatterns–the most.

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Refresh and try again. Return to Book Page. Now he’s sharing his kariwn of antipatterns–the most common errors he’s identified in those thousands of requests for help. Improving the Design of Existing Code Refactoring in which every anti- pattern is described following the same structure.

SQL Antipatterns: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Database Programming

Reference Multiple Parents Antipattern: Other reviewers said that the “Application development Anti-patterns” section is a hit or miss in regards of content quality and relevance. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I thought this book was ok. However, I didn’t learn too much that I didn’t already know.

SQL Antipatterns by Bill Karwin

Declare Constraints Chapter 6: I wish I had read this book sooner. It’s a good book even though I haven’t learn that much from it. Working with data analytics, I found part 3 to be the most useful with Query Antipatterns. As a few examples, multi-valued columns, multi-column attributes, too many indexes, replacing null values with a different known value, etc. More times than not, however, the development team has to craft the SQL ourselves.

Some of the patterns seem really out of date with current development strategies, but reviewing them to prevent implementing the sins of the past is still a good thing. As of late, I’ve been letting Hibernat I’m a software developer who gets paid mostly for working on the back end portion of solutions and I’ve worked in both small and large companies.


However, I haven’t seen very many of his anti-patterns in practice with actual projects that I’ve worked on in the past. May 10, Lisa rated it it was ok. This books describes common errors developers make when dealing with databases. While I enjoyed reading this book, I found most of the example trivial from the RoR best practices and conventions, I would recommend it if you kafwin to level up your sql game. The author uses good, real world, examples written in clear language. I struggled for a long time with a database that had a large tree structure, so I’m a First, this is based on B6.

Bill Karwin has helped thousands of people write better SQL sqk build stronger relational databases. Nov 25, Horia rated it really liked it Shelves: This boo Bill Karwin has helped thousands of people write better SQL and build stronger bull databases. Jun 24, Ispiriants Volodymyr rated it it was amazing Shelves: What you need to know is that this is something worth reading and taking your time. Especially if you are a junior developer, this book is going to unravel a lot of anti-patterns which are unfortunately way too common in enterprise systems.

Eql Mihalcea Powered by WordPress. Physical Database Design Antipatterns Chapter It’s still a good read. Throughout his career, Bill has shared his knowledge to help other programmers achieve success and productivity.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Tailored to Fit Chapter 5: And here we are.

Book Review – SQL Antipatterns

For instance, the database backing a blog whose posts can have an arbitrary number of tags would have a column TAGS with entries such as ‘tag1, tag2, This is a catalog of what the author considers widespread bad practices in the use of relational databases and SQL programming.


Sep 25, David Sqp rated it really liked it. It puts names on errors that lots of developers do. All in all, I loved the book and recommend that anybody who has to deal with a relational store pick up a copy and give it a read. In short, this is an excellent new resource for your pragmatic bookshelf! Whatever platform or programming language you use, whether you’re a junior programmer or a Ph.

Bill Karwin has sqp thousands of people write better SQL and buildstronger relational databases. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

If I’m lucky, I’ll be working in an organization large bikl to have full-time SQL experts who kawrin help me out. SQL Antipatterns should become a useful tool for DBAs and database programmers to help them create well-designed databases and applications…and to help us eliminate these common errors from our database implementations. I fully understand that, like most tools, Hibernate is only as useful as the developer’s understanding of it which is why I try and read up on the ins and outs of Hibernate as much as I can.

Most antipatterns are about misunderstandings on good database design; for example, the author discusses such timeless classics as implementing many-to-many relationships by putting multiple comma-separated values in a row. All in all, a decent read for a new SQL user, but if you have any experience with SQL you might want to skip this one for a newer reference.

SQL Antipatterns 5 reviews. You stopped to read this review and possibly rea The book that every modern developer should read.