In , Mullins authored the tract The Biological Jew, which he claimed was an objective analysis of the forces behind the. The Biological Jew has 14 ratings and 3 reviews. Bettie☯ said: Fraudiotbr bustingessaysummer room I have two Eustace Mullins titles to read. In , Mullins authored the tract, The Biological Jew, an objective analysis of the forces behind the decline of Western Culture. He demonstrates that the main .

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Nathan marked it as to-read Sep 25, You may as well forget about getting [it] published.

Eustace Mullins

Kuttner first worked out his ideas on biopolitics in a work with Eustace Mullins b. Jewish communities have established themselves in gentile nations and remained for hundreds of years without exhibiting any signs of being dangerous to their hosts, but, if the gentile host attempts to dislodge them, they immediately rise to the challenge and bring into play their specialized modifications for remaining upon the host.

The United States will then be an overpopulated, impoverished country with a standard of living 50 per cent, below its level. Mullins became a researcher at the Library of Congress in and helped Eustac Joseph McCarthy in making claims about Communist Party funding sources. The horrible practice of ritual murder is sufficient evidence of this.

Full text of “MULLINS (Eustace) – The Biological Jew () incl. “

Then they and all members of their families have their landholdings, bank accounts and other assets confiscated. First, the Jew is not invisible, he has high visibility.

The reasons for this are obvious. Louis Journalism Review What, then, does the gentile host have left? Lee 23 October For the same reason, its gill openings are connected by long tubes to a single opening on the surface much farther back than the gill openings of the lamprey, so that the hagfish can breathe water while its head end is buried in the body of the fish upon which it is parasitic.

The na- tion gained in wealth and power by entering the First World War. It also offers a civilization, for the first time, an opportunity to escape the fate of its predecessors. The conflict comes from two separate and irreconcilable codes of ethics, that of the host, which places a premium upon decency, honor and self-reliance, and that of the parasite, which operates from an established modus vivendi of parasitism.

That is why he refuses to abandon this custom, even though it has brought him close to extinction many times. InMullins authored the tract The Biological Jewwhich he claimed was an objective analysis of the forces behind the “decline” of Western Culture. Its only goal is to lead a parasitic life at the expense of the host, and its natural objectives are usually the reproductive and the excretory organs.


But the shortage of en- gineers was laid to the fact that we had not availed ourselves of our fine negro talents; a people who squatted in dusty jungle kraals for 20, years without the least improvement in their conditions was now declared the rightful heirs of the American technology! There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

As a re- biologcal, the term, when applied to humans, is always one of dis- gust. It was cast in the accepted pseudo-sociological jargon which university nitwits employ to bemuse their students and each other. Therefore, a Jew is not so much a particular species in the civilized world, as he is a type which has adopted a certain form of parasitic life and adapted himself to exist kew a host which can provide his food.

They watch their victims carefully, and, when they are asleep, they walk or sidle up to them and scoop out a piece of flesh so delicately that the sleeping animal often is not aware of the bite until the bleeding is discovered in the morning.

Thus, everything that the Jew does in connection with this parasitic existence is a criminal act, and part of an overall criminal existence. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Each of these isolated events is a crime, but the whole is not merely crime, it is parasitism.

Published by Faith and Service Books first published January eustaec Garment workers in the notorious New York sweat shops, most of them Negro and Puerto Rican women and chil- dren, eusyace large portions of their earnings extorted from them by the cold-blooded Jew, David Dubinsky, the fascist dictator of the garment union.

Marc rated it it was amazing Dec 12, These scanty evidences of the great Jewish past is but one more witness to the biological parasitical existence which the Jew has always led as a soft, amorphous and rootless creature feed- ing at the expense of others, and leaving no concrete artifacts jww memorialize his jeew.

The ceremony of blood-drinking continues until the gentile victim expires, in a social re-enact- ment of the physical activities of such parasites as the hagfish. This is due to several factors, first, because the working class has had less of the effect of biologiical of “higher education”, which, in this nation, is simply extended biokogical in how to be a shabez goi, and second, as workers who produce their own living, they have greater biilogical and less erosion of their sense of responsibility and self-respect.


Its condition of parasit- ism was discovered after scientists were puzzled that it had no deep-going tap root. To ask other readers questions about The Biological Jewplease sign up.

It may be re- duced as a whole or the reduction may affect chiefly the eyes and other organs. The parasites may produce sub- stances which are injurious to the host, toxins or other kinds of poisons. They do not understand the ter- rible fear and hatred which fills the Jewish people at the me- mory of a gentile people who reacted against them and cast them out.

He demonstrates that the main influence that people were overlooking in their analysis of world affairs was “parasitism”. The bioological does not understand the parasite, which is like a creature from another planet, be- cause they do not have the same goals, nor do they respond to the same stimuli, as the host people.

We have seen in America during the past quarter of a century, coincident with the great power attained by the Jews in every walk of life, startling modifications in the appearances and habits biolofical American males, mulllins well as a vast increase in the public practice of male homosexuality. Toynbee, on the other hand, could not be the detective biologgical this case because he had lived most of his life on a subsidy from the criminal classes.

As these efforts brought me nothing but poverty and what would have been despair, had I ever despaired, I found Christ and knew a greater joy than my life in art.

Mullins posits the role of a parasite in biology and expands this into the world of men. One of the Jewish vocations is that of dealer in old books and rare documents.

The white Americans who could have salvaged our declining technology continued as manual laborers. At the times of gravest peril, he makes deals muplins the enemy and betrays the nation.

All other considerations of government are swept aside in the per- forming of these functions, which are so essential to the well- being of the parasite. Hockley, TexasUnited States. LaPage states that the dormancy of parasites is a continuous- ly observed phenomenon, retaining their potency during many years of inactivity and isolation.