Hegde Professor of Cardiology, London University BLINDED SCIENCE MATTHEW SILVERSTONE life BLINDED BY SCIENCE You have come as a breath of. Blinded by Science by Matthew Silverstone, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. About the author. Matthew Silverstone is a serial entrepreneur. He has a degree in economics and a masters degree in international business. He was as one of.

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Alternate therapies are denigrated publicly and there is even a movement to have them banned by law. I have not seen any scientific paper on animals that refers to the biology of plants or vice versa, which is a tragedy, as you will discover in later chapters. Simply because it means that we all react to the same external stimuli differently, and that there is not one panacea for us all.

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I am sure I have a pretty average knowledge of trees amongst a generation of other city-dwellers. During that week, I only observed him doing it once; he never went back to the tree, or even near it again. It is this energy change that allows water to move so freely. So the physicists know about vibrations and have utilised the vibrational silcerstone to develop sophisticated machinery. He kept on telling me that life was at a standstill for him, all of his energy went into silverstoone after his son.

Being part scienve such a great experience as writing a book has not been available to everyone. Anyone who mattheq Silverstone’s findings and opinions because he did not earn a degree on the subject matter is short sighted – anyone can study anything, with or without a degree, and the author of this book had access to one of the most complete libraries in the world for his research and was able silverstonw access obscure but valid writings that have not made it into electronic form for internet access.

Ginny Schmidt rated it really liked it Mar 22, This is what it takes to create a book! So what has this got to do with a chapter on water? Malian Lahey rated it it was ok May 28, The results of this study are typical; scientists are only ever looking for chemical solutions to provide answers. Both of them are Austrian, and both were expressing their concerns over the damage we were doing to nature. One scientist who has been banging his head against a brick wall trying to get the message out to the masses is a man called Vladimir Voeikov, a scientist at the Moscow State University.


The simple logic of the silversgone of life should make these scientists sit up and take notice, irrespective of the hundreds of studies that have been done on plants and animals, to show that they have a direct relationship with the cycles of the moon and the planets.

He had byy everything else, so he agreed to pay for a series of wacky treatments. Rather, it is a chameleon, changing its properties in different situations.

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I think you can begin to get the message from the types of word that he was speaking into the water. He would often recount amazing things that he had discovered that day whist at the library, ideas that I found incredible.

But as both my brother and my father are Professors of psychiatry, I knew there was no solution there – chronic fatigue is a physical problem, not a mental one. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? All of the planets, both near and far, generate gravitational waves of energy, whether strong, such as those influenced by the moon that move the tides, or weak, as from distant planets such as Uranus and Jupiter. There is very little research that helps to explain what water can actually do other than the obvious fact that it comprises two hydrogen and one oxygen atom.

This book is the ‘missing link’ so many people all over the world were expecting.

In essence, it is a way of creating a large number of bacteria in the soil to nourish it, and utilising the lunar cycle and the cycle of the planets as a calendar for timing the sowing of the seeds, the pruning of the plants and maythew harvesting of the grapes. Later, when the child grows up, he discovers that there are adj acent islands to explore, and there he finds new fruits and food that his body has never tasted before.

As there was nobody there to answer his questions he started to look for the answers himself in the British Library. Blinded By Science by Matthew Silverstone.


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One of the patients had such an extreme reaction to a fungus mould that she would pass out immediately when the fungus 58 WATER touched her skin. What a fascinating read.

It seems very strange to me that there are not a lot of contemporary studies dealing with vibrational issues. I can recognise some trees, but very few of them. If one person suffers from eating mushrooms, it does not follow that we will all suffer. I particularly agree with the idea that there is a lack of knowledge in core areas such as water. Faraday conducted experiments back in which showed that when a large drop of water was placed on a vibrating plate, beautiful patterns, which he called “crispations”, formed on the surface.

So is it too much of a leap to replace the words a water crystal “sand” with the word “water” and come to the same conclusion? Just as I had started to write this book, I finally heard of a trial study taking place that was incorporating vibrational medicine.

If we combine the idea of vibrations with the unique properties of water, we arrive at some outrageous new possibilities. Chapter 6 Technology Are the benefits of our technology really worth the damage they are doing to silverstoone health?

Firstly, the water will be drunk and, as this is pure water, it will not affect any of their equilibria, as their bodies have been programmed to expect clean water and therefore anticipate it and react accordingly. We need to take a step back and free our minds from what we have been told. I have asked several scientists this question and they do not have an answer, except that scisnce it has not been investigated until now because it has been dismissed in the past.

It is all about vibrations and water.