Blofeld Keyboard; Quantum. Software. Waldorf Edition 2. Attack iOS Blofeld Manual (EN) Download (9MB). the Waldorf Blofeld Synthesizer. • an external power supply. • a CD-ROM with the complete PDF manual and other tools. • a printed Quick Start manual. User guide • Read online or download PDF • Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard User Manual • Waldorf Musical Instruments.

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This means when you have mznual played notes with a high velocity, Accent might not be able to further offset them positively, so you will only hear differences with negative accent offsets.

Different sequence modes can be defined for the Arpeggiator to cover a wide range of applications. If you have the chance to directly compare the original with the Blofeld, you will find the resonance or Emphasis, as it is called in the PPG of both to be nearly identical.

This might be interesting if you want to only play the “root note” of a chord in a bass sound. The main difference of wavetable synthesis in comparison with other sound generation principles is the facility blofelv only to play one waveform per oscillator, but also waldrf walk through the wavetable via different modulations.

Set Mod to a medium positive or negative amount.

This is the recommended setting that works in almost all situations. It allows the sender to transmit to several receivers. Pi Use the Store function also if you want to copy programs.

The Blofeld offers 16 independent modulation assignments slots each with individual settings of source, destination and amount.

Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard User Manual | pages | Also for: Blofeld

Higher values will increase the amount of signal that feeds Filter 2 and decrease the amount of signal that feeds Filter 1. Modulation Wheel Use this wheel to alter the sound of the played notes. Filter miscellaneous Restricts sound selection to a certain category.


Cyclic waveforms such as the waveforms in the Blofeld only feature sine waves in integer frequency ratios to walvorf fundamental like double frequency, triple frequency and so on.

When you hit them harder, the modulation amount also gets stronger. Each time Oscillator 3 starts a new cycle, it sends a trigger signal to Oscillator 2, forcing it to restart its waveform cycle, too. Manuak setting is recommended for a Multi that is intended for multi track playback with a software sequencer. Please visit our website www. C8 Analogous to the velocity switching parameters, the key range can be restricted for the part’s tone generation.

Blofeld Manual EN

Page Appendix Am Classic organs work in this way because they do not have dynamic response. The LED mankal the corresponding filter will light up.

Then change its setting with the right Display parameter dial. Create a sound that uses only Filter 1 with the desired settings. Filter Envelope The following parameters are valid for the filter envelope. The Comb filter as a Chorus This is the most basic way to use the Comb boofeld. This common envelope starts as soon as the first note is played.

Page Appendix Clipping Envelope Clipping is a sort of distortion that occurs when a signal An envelope is used to modulate a sound-shaping exceeds its maximum value. Example – Real-world lbofeld to try out.

Waldorf Blofeld User Manual

Q If you like the sound and possibilities kanual wavetable synthesis, you should try out the virtual instrument Waldorf PPG Wave 2. It could act as a suboscillator wave, to emphasize certain frequencies or to frequency modulate other oscillators. Positive amounts will increase the cutoff frequency when positive modulation is applied, e. See the following description: Balance Noise F1 The audible result of detuned oscillators is a Chorus or Flanger effect.


Sound Parameter scaled in note values. A A Phaser is a combination of several “allpass” filters setting of 0 produces a classic phaser, while higher working in parallel.

Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard User Manual

Sound Parameter if you want to only play the “root note” of a chord miscellaneous step data Step in a bass sound. Bipolar parameters parameters with positiv and negative values use special gradation when changing their values. Incoming MIDI notes are shifted walodrf the number of semitones. Let’s generalize it to cyclic waveforms: Noise can also be added to the mix.

If omni is selected, the Blofeld sends on channel 1 and receives on all channels. The Reverb effect is probably the most widely used effect in music production. They include several precautions you should always observe when dealing with electronic equipment. You can also use a sine oscillator that is pitch modulated by an envelope.

The Blofeld ist equipped with a power switch. Use this feature to give more expression to the sound. The Blofeld only syncs to its own tempo base that is set by Tempo which can be found in the Arpeggiator menu. The contents of this manual may be updated at any time without prior notice. For extremely wide sounds, you can do the following: Amount See Amount above The Clock Delay effect depends on 0… Feedback the internal tempo of the Bloefeld which can be found in Controls the amount of signal that is routed back into the the Arpeggiator menu.