Running Head: Chiquita Case Study Blood Bananas: Chiquita in Colombia Eduardo Dos Santos Limestone College Chiquita Case Study 2 Blood Bananas: . Published sources. Related products. Thumbnail image for A BLOOD BANANAS: CHIQUITA IN COLOMBIA. Case. -. Reference no. A For Chiquita Brands International, a pioneer in the globalization of the banana industry, bananas are not only serious business, they represent an array of.

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What happens when “Business as Usual” clashes with the vocabulary of the “War on Terror”? The majority of the 14 million tons of bananas exported every year come from Latin America. Department of State website in September, In the early morning on January 17, 80 AUC paramilitaries entered the chiiquita town of Chengue and killed 24 men by smashing “their skulls with stones and a sledgehammer.

Chiquita in Colombia: Terrorism Gone Bananas?

Most of the victims of these wars are local residents, human rights workers and trade unionists. From United Fruit to Xolombia Though later known as United Brands inand then Chiquita inbusiness in Latin America has continued in similar veins.

According to the United Fruit Historical Society, the strike turned into “the largest cchiquita movement ever witnessed in the country. When the army fired on strikers during a demonstration in the city of Cienaga, killing a disputed number of workers between 47 and 2,it created waves that contributed to the downfall of the Conservative Party and features in the masterworks of two famous Colombian authors.


Nobel-awarded Chilean writer Pablo Neruda also recognized the influence of the United Fruit Company with a bananaw of the same name in his epic work “Canto General” about the history of Latin America. Through out the 20th century, the company was infamous for using a combination of its financial clout, congressional influence and violent refusal to negotiate with striking workers to establish and maintain a colony of “banana republics” in Latin America.

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Army has come to call frequently since then, first inthenthenand Chiquita workers have gone on strike more than 40 times during the 89 years the company has operated in Honduras.

Inworkers held strikes against the company. United Fruit fired 10, workers. United Brands threatened unsuccessfully to pull out. In bood, “Bananagate” struck. Lopez Arellano was removed from power, but later investigations revealed repeated bribes carried out by the company.

Over twenty years later, business proved blkod be similar. The articles, written by Mike Gallagher and Cameron McWhirter, reported cases in which the company used tactics including “bribery, abusive corporate control in Honduras and Colombia, the use of harmful pesticides, and repressive actions against workers” to bolster profits. The investigation found Chiquita to be the secret owner of “dozens of supposedly independent banana companies.

The investigation also found clombia Chiquita was aerially spraying workers, despite its pact with the Rainforest Alliance since November ofwhich forbids aerial spraying.

The facts found in the investigations were never challenged, however. Bananas, Cocaine and AKs. In fact, beyond simply paying the AUC, local human rights groups say that in the past the company has used its company-controlled ports to smuggle weapons into the country for the AUC. Justice Department for more information about the case. Michael Mitchell, Chiquita spokesman acknowledged the OAS report, however, “there is no information that would lead us to believe that Banadex did anything improper,” he said.

Politicians are also wondering about the role of the U. Leading opposition lawmaker Senator Jorge Robledo queried publicly, “My question is: How much more does the U. Drug Traffickers to the U.

In light of the smuggling scandal, CNN reports that Gloria Cuartas, a former mayor in the banana producing area, is calling for a boycott of Chiquita products. Colombians like Cuartas know the implications of the Chiqkita.

After the information was filed, Colombian officials announced that they would seek the extradition of senior executives of the company. Extradition is a well known term in Colombia, where hundreds of suspected drug-traffickers chiwuita been extradited to the United States as part of the US War on Drugs.


Blood Bananas: Chiquita in Colombia Essay Example for Free

Former Colombian attorney general Jaime Bernal Cuellar, along with opposition law makers, called for an immediate “criminal investigation of the people who financed these illegal groups.

A Slap on the Wrist. While headlines about the fine insinuated that Chiquita had been caught in the act, chiwuita company is dangerously nonchalant about the case.

In fact, besides pleading guilty and paying the fine, counts which it has offered no objection to, the company faces no colmbia sanctions. While grand jury indictments can lead to a criminal trial, a “document of criminal information” usually leads to a settlement, as in this case.

Chiquita itself shows no signs of shame or concern.

Chairman and CEO Fernando Aguirre described the “information” as “a reasoned solution to the dilemma. Nor has the U.

Justice Department shown any interest in investigating companies like Coca Cola or Drummond Coal that have even clearer ih to paramilitary violence in Colombia than Chiquita. State Department nor the company show any continued concern for the true victims of this colombiw of business: You can c ontact her at April. Goes Bananas On Chiquita.

Blood Bananas: Chiquita in Colombia Essay

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