The National Book Award finalists were just announced by Scott Turow via live web video (watch), and Harriet emeritus Patricia Smith. Blood Dazzler By Patricia Smith Hardcover, 90 pages. Coffee House Press List price: $ SIBLINGS Hurricanes, Arlene learned to. BLOOD DAZZLER is a tale of the storm we should have seen coming and the sociopolitical firestorm left in its wake. Based on Patricia Smith’s award-winning.

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Blood Dazzler by Patricia Smith

They don’t hear Come. The rain bloid and the people of this world continue to spin their memories and sing from their rooftops while they wait for help that may never come. Could there be other weather, other divas stalking the cringing country with insistent eye? Throughout the book she puts on a persona of Hurricane Katrina herself, and the effect is astonishing.

Smith gives voice to the storm: Up on the roof, stumbling slickstep, you wave all your sheets and your blouses, towels, bandannas, and denims, and etch what you ask on the morning:. I found much to admire, especially in terms of form in this collection. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

This book is incredible. The result is a stu Using different smth of poetry, Blood Dazzler follows the Katrina catastrophe through many different voices.


It’s the sun foolin’ them, shining much too loud for sleep, making us hear engines, wheels. When it come, it smashes living flat, wakes you from sleep, eats streets, washes you clean out of the chair you be sittin’ in.

Patricia Smith (poet)

Patricia Smith, on my short list of greatest living poets, blends poems of almost journalistic fact full accounts, direct quotations, and found letters with poems of surrealism, imagination, nightmares, and dreams- creating perhaps the most complete and powerful documentation of Hurricane Katrina yet published. Aug 30, Julene rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I’m ’bout to get out this chair, but the ghost in my legs tells me to wait, wait for the salvation that’s sho to come.

There we were, as a country, standing at the juncture of blatant incompetence, commercial greed, political cluelessness and barely veiled racism.

So powerful and depressing. Well, Katrina is about to kick a puppy.

Gert spat her matronly name against a city’s flat face. People warned me about this book. Slam poet, spoken-word performer, playwright, author, writing teacher, journalist. Review at Gently Read Literature. And see my golden chair?

As you descend from the heavens, you choose to head for the patricla.

Maria’s thunder skirts flew high when she danced. For starters, the collection is about Hurricane Katrina, and carries with it all the impotent rage and wonderment that such a natural disaster inspires.


Thanks, Megan, for lending me this one. Capturing all the elements of this catastrophe: I can easily agree that Katrina was an awful, awful tragedy, one which is still being mishandled in some ways, but that is not the total experience of Katrina, and that is where this collection flatlines.

It circulates from many different perspectives and times, telling the story of the storm and how it affected so many people.

Now officially a bitch, I’m confounded by words — all I’ve ever been is starving, fluid, and noise. This was the first Smith I read but it won’t be the last. But here come the flyboys to save you, baskets bloos cram your new life in, the drama of fetching and swinging. What I couldn’t get over is the fact that not a single poem engenders a sense of hope. Retrieved February 7, This book is all about Hurricane Katrina, and she can be both the hurricane itself, and a dog left chained to a tree, and everything in between.