Susan Beth Pfeffer addresses some serious topics in BLOOD WOUNDS, including cutting, murder and abuse, and she does so with an honest. A psychodrama about tangled families never quite gets off the ground. Blood can both wound and heal Willa is lucky: She has a loving blended family that gets along. Not all families are so fortunate. But when a bloody crime takes.

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Willa soon finds out that her mother has held a lot of the truth from her and now her father is a killer.

Blood Wounds, not so much. Oct 30, Lisa Bookworm Lisa rated it liked it Shelves: Blood Wounds will be released later in the year and in it is the story of Willa, a high school aged girl who tries so hard at living the perfect life, that when her past catches up to her it comes in the grisly package of her estranged father and the horrible crimes he has committed against his family.

She is also the author of the popular Portraits of Little Women series for gradesand has written a book for adults on writing for children. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. I married to one. S While Blood Wounds by Susan Beth Pfeffer isn’t necessarily a book about a psychological disorder- one is certainly never specified, or identified- it is about a girl who is obviously struggling to accept and come to terms with a lot of different things, and one of the ways she chooses to cope is through cutting.

Pfeffer has a pfefder. Ultimately, though, Blood Wounds is much more a story of family drama than of scintillating suspense, the sad tale of a person who has spun out of control and can’t get it back together again before crossing the line and committing a series of despicable acts that ranks up there with some of the most notorious violent crimes in recent history.


Blood Wounds is entirely my title.

Blood Wounds by Susan Beth Pfeffer

In the end, that’s what I think the author wanted. Despite abuse, murder, cults, alcoholism, broken homes, ssuan, inheritance, cutting, jealousy, small towns… I know there must be more.

I’ve finally realized that while author Susan Beth Pfeffer may be good at creating amazingly complex situations, she is not so good at writing well rounded characters who experience growth or change as a result of the situations she puts them into. But a frantic phone call from Pryor, Texas, shatters the calm.

This book ends the same way.

But that’s the problem–the whole thing is surface. His wife and two of his daughters b found dead in their home. Pfeffer is very good at fleshing her characters out and making them real. This can make or break a book for me. Not my fave of Pfeffer’s, but not bad.

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Blood Wounds by Susan Beth Pfeffer — Practically Paradise

This goes back to my OCD post, but it makes me want to shake all these authors and tell them it’s NOT okay to just toss something like this into their story. May 31, Audrey rated it really liked it Blooc I knew almost from the beginning I wanted the word “Blood” in the title. However, it wasn’t until that her pfeffeer book, Just Morgan, was published. They may have worked had they been spread out over a few novels or had Willa gone through some fucked up inner conflict.


This is a book about a teenager who cuts herself. In fa Willa’s life in the beginning is awesome.

Susan bood into her story such immense emotion on some normal act Susan Beth Pfeffer is a master story teller in such a unique way, she portrays immense levels of human emotions in her characters.

Things weren’t great for her even before her father went wouhds his murder spree, with her being the poor daughter next to two spoiled step-sisters. And other characters do the same thing, seemingly answering questions that were never really asked.

This may have been intentional but in the end, everything here just felt off.

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Blood Wounds really delves into the blended family element and the need and strive we need to feel as to come out as this picture perfect happy element even though we don’t feel that was and we cannot possibly all susa equal in the eyes of all of our parents.

Why was he coming after her? D Willa’s biological father goes on a rampage killing his wife and daughters, and the police think he may be coming from her.