In this, the most intimate of Vonnegut’s 13 novels, he brings back the erstwhile American painter Rabo Karabekian, a one-eyed man” who played a minor role in . Based on the novel by Kurt Vonnegut, Bluebeard is the fictional autobiography of Rabo Karabekian, a one-eyed former artist of the Abstract Expressionist era. Bluebeard, which came out in , was one of Vonnegut’s last proper novels. Though it is different in style than his earlier works, it is a very.

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That is what attracts us to serious paintings, I think: Once apprentice to ‘great man’ and famous illustrator Dan Gregory before blubeard one of the founders of an important abstract art movement, even if he was the least talented of the lot, Rabo Karabekian is now a septuagenarian content to live out his days in his well-off dead wife’s family home, on the proceeds of his extremely valuable art collection and his only company his vonneght, her daughter and his best friend, Paul Slazenger.

HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others. When both his father and some other artists are at their most creative, their eyes become dead.

Bluebeard by Kurt Vonnegut

K’s a veteran, as are most of his characters, and through their experience in war they offer a greater sardonic message, a deeper social comment; he has a darker perspective, longer shadows in a more dimensional work. I felt I was looking into Vonnegut’s heart and mind as I read each page. A dangerous substance known as Ice-Nine threatens life on Earth as we know it. The genius of Vonnegut is his ability to see the humor in the worst tragedies, all of which he says are born of human folly.


Cover of first edition hardcover.

Kurt Vonnegut’s Version of the Fairytale Bluebeard: Writing About Writing for People Who Don’t Read

Long Island, New York: He covers the usual gamet of Vonnegut trademarks – WWII, a reactive protagonist as opposed to proactive how art can be quite useless etc He has been through war.

Metaphorically, she represents the shock of the new: In fact, it’s a trait I remember loving from my earlier readings of Vonnegut. The last vonnegyt is the secret in the potato barn.

I digress, because even though Bluebeard is a thin book with a light tone, it makes me meditate upon weighty subjects. We spend our time with Rabo Karabekian divided between the present day, and the past.

No one had his unique sense of humor and no one ever will. Would he be able to pull off the levity that allows Vonnegut to juxtapose war with abstract art? In the end, despite invoking a number of famous people both real and fictionalthe story and its lessons are about and for Rabo Karabekian. Instead, he has become the repository of many stories about the people who made up Abstract Expressionism in the early days of this century and wants to get them off his chest.

View all 21 comments. D The interaction between Rabo and Circe is by far one of the best aspects of Bluebeardbecause it is rife both vonnetut real tension and with real respect between the two parties.

BLUEBEARD by Kurt Vonnegut | Kirkus Reviews

Some of the smartest commentary on modern art well, sort of modern — the abstract expressionists and just being human via art Mutta sitten Pikku-Jussi tuli kotiin ruumispussissa. We all need from time to time to be woken from the dead dreary depression of life. This one is definitely worth a read and has helped to rekindle my love for Vonnegut.


Rabo Karabekian is an awesome narrator in general, because he does not bullshit. Aug 06, Lily rated it blubeard liked it Shelves: Apr 19, Matthew Quann rated it really liked it Recommended to Matthew by: He takes up abstract expressionism, in the company of Rothko and Pollock, and becomes one of the leaders of this American school. This brings to question, are any such evaluations, records, fictions, or histories that do not present the tension of forces that inform the social, moral, artistic, and individual choices, preferences, and attitudes accurate or valid?

It hurts like hell, but it doesn’t matter, nothing matters, everything matters, feel something! Julian Moynahan wrote in a New York Times book review that Bluebeard was a “minor achievement” and that Vonnegut “isn’t moving ahead.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It was everything jam packed vonnevut a small little book: Circe, on the other hand, has just lost her husband and is vacationing along the coast while writing a biography about her recently deceased husband, who was a doctor.

It is now locked up, and its contents secret: When he allows the fantastical into his stories, they just POP more for me. And much earlier in the novel: Bluebeard is a fictional autobiography of a cranky old Armenian modern painter living alone on a beachside estate.

Both the original Bluebeard story and Vonnegut’s have curious, prying women, too.