Bob Rotella – Putting out of your Mind. Pages Heart of the Game. “Loving putting, enjoying putting, making putts, making putts that matter. Putting Out of Your Mind. Bob Rotella with Bob Cullen has ratings and 18 reviews. Lisa said: This book is okay. I’m pretty new to the golf self-help. Written by Dr. Bob Rotella, narrated by Dr. Bob Rotella. Download and keep this book for Free with a 30 day Trial.

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Excellent Excellent, really cleared my head of a lot of technical detrimental thoughts in my bobb. He got tight and careful with his long clubs.

Process Goals and acceptance of result. He hit his three-wood into a bunker to the right of the green.

I give all the credit to this book. Fast and easy read.

Putting Out of Your Mind. Bob Rotella with Bob Cullen by Bob Rotella

Putting Out of Your Mind Hardcover And of course mastery begins with an understanding of the attitude needed to be a better putter. Ben Hogan was one example.

Great players are not only aware of the importance of putting, they go out of their way to master it, and mastery can only begin with the yoyr of the attitude needed to be a better putter.

At the same time, he started to listen to the critics of his putting stroke. Otherwise you will go on and on looking for information. Thank you for signing up, fellow book lover!


It had never been broken. He began to see it as an injustice that putting counted for so much in tournament golf. Nerves are a sign that your goal is approaching. But this only puts more pressure on their putting. Price may vary by retailer. Free eBook offer available to NEW subscribers only. Maintain a low, consistent level of intensity through good shots and bad, because the calmer you are and the quieter you keep yourself, the easier it is to play the game.

Read by Bob Rotella.

I like to see players not only accept the importance of putting but revel in it. But if you’re reading this book, yohr have all the tools you need. Birdy Mulligan Golfen met je ogen dicht 19, A few memorable story’s and well read. Matthew Downham rated it liked it Nov 16, The Golf of Your Dreams By: But the physical does help the mental.

If your commitment breaks down, regroup and recommit. This old adage is familiar to all golfers but is especially resonant with Dr. The Heart of the Game Putting — a game within a game — might justly be said to be the most important part of golf. He developed into a very good putter.

| Putting Out Of Your Mind, Dr. Bob Rotella | | Boeken

A writer for and consultant to Golf Digesthe lives in Virginia with his wife, Darlene. Rotella’s “Putting Out of Your Mind” ten years ago because my putting was out of control. I’m pretty new to the golf self-help literature, but even I can tell that there are no startlingly different ideas here. He had little choice. Physical and the Mental — reading the green, deciding the line, clearing the mind, putting to make it, accepting the results.

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He reveals the unique mental approach that great putting requires and helps o of all levels master this essential skill. oit

Putting Out Of Your Mind

Picking out a small precise target and then making a free uncontrolled stroke. Get a FREE e-book by joining our mailing list today! I banged it out in a two and a half hour session tonight and can honestly say I have never been more excited to get to the practice green before my round tomorrow. When I started working with golfers, I insisted that they spend a lot of time developing imagination and touch with their scoring clubs, their wedges and putters.

During the round, Hogan played his usual immaculate shots from tee to green. Even though he never hit the ball enormous distances, he won a lot of junior tournaments.

Putting Out of Your Mind

Once in a while you make a routine par, hitting your driver into the fairway, your iron onto the green, and getting down in two putts. Get confident in your swing If frequently find yourself lacking confidence as you stand over your tee shot, bib book can help you. Putting Out of Your Mind. Practising putting in the trusting mentality and using one ball — follow routine on every putt.