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Last Post by bobtait 2 months 4 weeks ago. Other information includes aerodrome physical characteristics, hours of operation, visual ground The Cyber examinations may be sat on scheduled days during the course – or, if you prefer, at a time and place of your choosing.

Your Review Maximum of characters. You may also like July 6, bib Topic started, 3 months 1 day ago, by boeingferdi.

Topic started, 1 month 5 days ago, by boeingferdi. Last Post 2 months 4 weeks ago by bobtait.

Last Post 1 month 1 week ago by Stuart Tait. Index Recent Topics Boob Remember me. Topic started, 2 months 2 weeks ago, by Dan Last Post 2 months 2 weeks ago by Dan. Last Post by bobtait 2 months 2 weeks ago. Topic started, 1 month 3 days ago, by vhalx. Last Post by Stuart Tait 1 month 1 week ago.

Bob Tait’s Aviation Theory School – IREX Products Page

Last Post 1 month 1 day ago by Stuart Tait. Topic started, 3 months 1 week ago, by mmasters. Last Post 2 months 3 weeks ago by Tonyjames. Condition Used 9 New 1. I just ordered the books and am ready to start. Use your 10 markings wisely, but use them!


Bought the book a month ago for CPL Met, completely forgot I bought it and just completed CPL Met without actually using it, so it’s literally in brand new condition, unopened. Last Post by bobtait 2 weeks 4 days ago. If such commitments dictate that you must do a full-time theory class at a particular time or not at all, doing the course is still by far the best option.

The rooms feature state-of-the-art wide screen digital monitors that are used to provide PowerPoint presentations, animated graphics, video material, live internet access and normal TV programs. Price Type Fixed Price 10 Negotiable 2. The day begins at 8. When should I do a course? Topic started, 2 weeks 5 days ago, by cqx But with hard work and lots and lots and lots of studying I managed to pass the exam with a mark that I was very happy with.

Topic started, 2 months 4 weeks ago, by Avi8or. Topic started, 1 year 2 weeks ago, by Carello. I found that by the time I took the exam I hardly had to use the indexes in the AIP, you almost know instantly where to look.

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We make every effort to keep up with the latest developments in electronic equipment and computer based education, however we choose and use that equipment only as an aid to teaching. Last Post 3 years 1 month ago by Steve gee. Last Post 1 year 2 months ago by Jegan Last Post by Jegan89 1 year 2 months ago. vob

It is hard to imagine any other sphere of training that is more reliant on students acquiring an attitude, or philosophy, that will ensure the ‘commonsense approach’ by identifying those elements of theoretical training which are operationally significant and those that are not.


Help with a question. After September 1st, the new Part 61 regulation suite will come into effect and this has had quite an impact on the licensing regulations. tqit

Instrument Rating Study Guide (Bob Tait) – Item No: BT-IREXSG

Enrol On a Course. Courses are run on a scheduled basis throughout the year. Passed exams in last two months.

I used all 10 of my allowed AIP marks to quickly get me to sections that I knew would come up. Last Post 2 months 2 weeks ago by Dan. So if I can do it, anyone can, especially you! Your email address will not be published. Topic started, 3 weeks 6 days ago, by Tonyjames. Topic started, 2 months 2 weeks ago, by Dan. Further information such as pricing and schedule information can be found in the sections for each of the courses via the links on the right hand side of this page.

We are the Australia’s leading pilot supplies store. Pickup is in Leeming and Cash. I am firm on price as you will not be able to find them cheaper.