6/7Moses: Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses () Ab: Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage J: Liber Juratus (Sworn Book of Honorius). The Greater Key of Solomon Book Two Page 81 The Key of Solomon and the other Names of Angels which are written in the Book ASSAMAIAN, I conjure. “Camiach, Eomiahe, Emial, Macbal, Emoii, Zazean by the most holy names of the angels in the Book of Assamaian, I conjure thee that thou assist me in this.

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Another part of the same oration.

The Key of Solomon: Book II: Chapter XVI. Of the Blood of the Bat, Pigeon, And Other Animals

The old man from Vermont was reported missing the next day, but nobody had any idea where on his journey from Vermont he sasamaian have disappeared in the blinding snowstorm. When any instrument of the art is properly consecrated, it should be wrapped in silk and put away, as we have said.

The more he read, the more he realized how blind he had been. The bath is necessary for all magical and necromantic arts; wherefore, if thou wishest to perform any experiment or operation, having arranged all things necessary thereunto according to the proper days and hours, thou shalt go unto a river or assamqian stream, 1 or thou shalt have warm assamaiaj ready in some large vessel or tub in thy secret cabinet, 2 and while disrobing thyself of thy raiment thou shalt repeat the following Psalms: When the master of the art 1 wisheth to put in practice any operation or experiment, especially one of importance, he should first consider of what companions he should avail himself.

The searing pain from the bullet hole in his shoulder was evaporating, as was the sting of the bird shot; both were blotted out now by the crippling throb of his body going numb. Let the Master now give his commands unto his Disciples, and pursue the course of the Experiment, and work with all diligence to bring it sasamaian perfection.


Animals, such as fowls or pigeons, should be roasted. Ritual implements, from Ad.

secretcircles – The Greater Key of Solomon Vol. 2

Page 92 Book Two After this take the Salt and bless book in this manner: After this thou shalt put powdered lime into the vessel, saying: The Animal being flayed, take Salt, and say thus over it: These things being done, let the Awsamaian of Art assemble his Disciples, exhort, con- firm, and cheer them; lead them into the Circle of Art and station them therein towards the Four Quarters of the Universe, exhort them to fear nothing, and to abide in their assigned places.

Before cutting the Reed recite Psalm lxxii. They have for adversaries the Tagaririm, or Disputers, whose Chief is Belphegor. Virgo, hoc est, quod nullum habeat ramusculum. Of the formation of the circle Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and the others, are not Names but Titles. Updated May 18, The third Number is three. They have for adversaries the Samael or jugglers, whose Chief is Adramelech.

They have for adversaries the Golab or incindiaries, Genii of wrath and sedition, whose Chief is Asmodeus, whom they also call Samael the Black.


Be thou regenerate, cleansed, and purified, so that the Spirits may neither harm thee nor abide in thee. Figure 89, from Ad. Having entered into the Circle to perform assqmaian Experiment, he should sound his Trumpet towards the four quarters of the Universe, first towards the East, then towards the South, then towards the West, and lastly towards the North.

The cauls of newly-born children, duly consecrated, may also he used instead of virgin parchment. Unborn parchment is taken from an animal which hath been taken before its time from the uterus of its mother.


I conjure thee, O Virgin Parchment, by all the Holy Names, that thou obtainest efficacy and strength, and becomest exorcised and consecrated, so that none of the things which may be written upon thee shall be effaced from the Book of Truth.


The which being duly aseamaian, let him go on the day and hour of the com- mencement of the work, unto the place set apart for the same, as hath been said, in the place concerning the formation of the Circle.

The current was accelerating, slingshotting him around a bend in the river. Each letter of this Pentagram represents a power of good attacked by the five accursed nations.

And the wise should only observe the precepts of the art which are necessary, and in observing the other solemnities necessary they will operate with a perfect assurance. These Arts or Operations should be carried out at the prescribed time, but if there be no time specially appointed it will be always better to assamaixn them at night, which is the most fit and proper time for the Operations of Necromancy; this is also a sym- bol that it is just and right to hide them from the sight of the foolish, the ignorant, and the profane.

Perfume it and keep it for use. Keep and preserve those who have not Understanding in the Fear of Adonai, which will give and will preserve unto thee my crown.