Boss DR-5 Dr. Rhythm. +. Boss DR-5 Dr. Rhythm. DR-5 Dr. Rhythm, Drum Machine from Boss in the DR series. This product is no longer manufactured. The Boss DR-5 drum machine has an average rating of out of 5.(The Boss DR-5 drum machine has a total of 57 reviews). This unit is definitely a hidden treasure. If you’re a guitarist or bass player looking for a box to control percussion and any other midi gear this is a great option.

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This unit sounds simply brilliant. The basses are also rich and lifelike. TR Rhythm Composer This machine contained a group of samples mixed from both the TR and TR, and featured 16 drum tones, with 48 patterns and 6 songs of memory.

At first glance, the Boss DR-5 Rhythm Section seems like your standard, run-of-the-mill drum machine.

Individual mute controls for each of the four voices were featured on the front panel, allowing the user to create bos.

News 7 Essential Synth Tutorials. The 36 pads are all a function, so we found it very quickly. Kakehashi then began to develop his own version of a rhythmic accompaniment for organ players of the time. It also featured a guitar input with a built in tuner and amp simulator — a design feature that would bsos fully realized bsos in the Dr.

It included a Pad Layer function that enabled users to combine samples, allowing for endless possibilities, as well as onboard digital effects including reverb, delay and chorus. Groove DR This programmable drum machine had drum and 49 bass sounds, arranged in different kits.

Everything else is quite adequate. Anyway my Boss DR-5 is still in my home studio ready for use and withstand time. The play button was used to place the sound and the Stop button was used to step bosa the beat. Bkss manual is clear. Did you find this review helpful? It also offered a balance control, which adjusted the balance between bass drum and cymbal sounds. Now I mostly use them for songwriting.


Boss Dr-5 Dr5 “dr Rhythm Section”

I can’t imagine how they could be any better. The newly developed Analog Circuit Behaviour ACB technology, allows for a faithful recreation of the tonality and behavior of the original machines. Attention to the rotating wheel that ages poorly, provide a replacement in a special magasasin. As time passed, its affordable cost and unique analog sound made it popular in hip-hop and dance music styles. Korg Kronos 2 61 Keyboard Synthesizer.

You can get lost sometimes in the menus but its use remains effective when one has the manual side.

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Having found nothing as simple and light, so I bought this machine and I found this easier to transcribe an idea very quickly. This product is no longer manufactured. See details for description of any imperfections. I said that if it still is great for work, do not you use it for studio recording, it is anyway not think to. A data filer is needed for that.

Share on Pinterest Share. Newsletter YouTube Facebook Newsletter Sign up for the Roland Canada newsletter to keep up-to-date on new products, events and much more. The sequencer has advanced from 8 tracks to 16 and features new Patches, 64 Rhythm Sets and new waveforms with SRX expansion. At first, I thought I might like to have more than 4 tracks in the sequencer, but now I think more would be overkill.

The sound was synthetic compared to its more expensive, digital sample-based counterparts, which were superior in reproducing real drum sounds.

User reviews: Boss DR-5 Dr. Rhythm – Audiofanzine

All machines in this series were made using analog voice circuits, with the TR standing for Transistor Rhythm. It works on cr5 power supply or batteries.

It also featured a sequencer and Feel Patch function, which gave the sequences a human-like groove. Trending Price New. Inexpensive and flexible, it targeted dance music producers and amateur home musicians. A good sequencer aging well! I even used Live for a few years since I used as a sequencer to trigger loops on my sampler, and an expander control great for MIDI, so even if it sometimes takes a little tweaking.


Four is enough for percussion, bass, lead, and accompaniment, and that’s all one needs. It also included controls for volume, tempo, accent and balance, though it lacked the ability to program your own patterns.

It also introduced a unique position pad, which the user could assign any sound to.

Bought quite expensive about euros new at the timethe drum machine sequencer is anyway valid for music creation and can be found in OCCAZ in the euros.

It offered patterns, 10 songs, and 68 sample-based instruments.


Its fresh sound and affordability made it a staple in early house and acid house music. See all 5 pre-owned listings. TR and TR kits were included and there were further spaces for user-assembled kits. TR Rhythm Composer This bit digital sample based machine was developed from vr5 TR, but featured additional sounds and more control. With Direct Pattern Play, users are able to assign patterns to pads, allowing triggering on the fly.

The drum sounds are still bods to anything other than the model. I like its relatively small size, its ease of use, that it runs on batteries, so easily transportable pdt nickel to dial long distance travel by train Jaime least the fact that the memory is actually quite limited. The unit never forgets parts or tempo and has no personality conflicts. Although it was limited only to its preset patterns, it was a great sounding, much cheaper alternative to the CR It offers studio-quality effect including bit reverb, 2 multi-effects processors, compression, EQ and mastering effects.

To the sounds of instruments, it depends, some sound a bit “artificial”, others are more credible