More info on SAYC: ACBL SAYC System Booklet and ACBL Standard Yellow Card (both in PDF format). See also: Full SAYC convention card. SAYC Bridge Conventions. Here are some of the conventions that should be played under normal circumstances. Trying to put all we play in one place in a. Standard American is a bidding system for the game of bridge widely used in North America promulgated by the American Contract Bridge League. SAYC is widely used in internet bridge play, but only rarely in on-site tournament play.

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SAYC Bridge Conventions

This is rarely done with less than 6 cards in the suit. With a Minimum Hand: The lead of a king hridge for attitude. Holding four or more spades, responder raises to 3 invitational or bids game in spades. Pass 16 points or less. Reopening bids mean much the same as direct seat bids, though they can be lighter at the minimum end.

Often the bid is made as an attempt to get the partnership to 3NT in the event opener holds a stopper in the overcalled suit or as a game-forcing brideg in opener’s suit. Thus if the bidding goes 1NT – 2 – 2 – 3NT and opener holds four spades as well as four hearts, he will now convert 3NT to 4.


New suits, even at the one level, are forcing when made by an unpassed hand. Holding four spades and five bridve, responder may rebid 3 with game forcing values.

S.A.Y.C.: Bridge Bidding Convention

If you feel your hand would have been worthy of an overcall had RHO opened, then it is usually worthy of a light opening bid in third seat. A jump raise of opener’s suit to the four level shows less than 10 points and five trump.

Following opener’s rebid, responder may limit his wayc with a minimum rebid in NT or brudge a previously mentioned suit. Opener passes or bids 3NT depending on his holding in the minor. This system was the first to employ the point-count method to evaluate the strength of a bridge hand. Bidding at the one level is up-the-line in principle. He should not pass, since opener could have 18 points just short of a jump shift rebid.

Rebids by the takeout doubler after a minimum response: Transfer bids are made on all hands containing a five-card, or longer, major suit except as noted above see Stayman for major suit holdings. Is to play if your side is at the four level or higher. With no fit for responder’s suit, opener rebids: When following suit, high encourages and low discourages, relatively speaking, of course. A jump response is non-forcing and shows points.

Further bidding will usually clarify matters.

Take your HCP and add sayv number of spades in your hand. If Stayman is doubled, opener may: If the opponents double, all conventional responses are “on. The singleton ace would now be worth a total of 7 points, but the singleton queen is worth either 2 HCP or 3 support points, but not both.


If RHO bids over the double then responder to the double may: A below-game jump response to a takeout double is invitational. The partnership is not committed to game. If RHO bids over partner’s 1NT call, all systems are off, though a reasonable approach by partnership agreement would be:. Responder has points and a doubleton spade. Add support points for shortness in side suits that do not also contain possibly non-working honors. A new suit is non-forcing and usually denies a fit with partner’s overcalled suit.

A 3-level bid in a new suit shows a singleton or a void in the bid suit. A cue brisge when the opponents have bid two suits is natural. With a minimum hand opener may: There is almost an endless variety of possible sequences, so it pays to have simple guidelines to prevent bidding misunderstandings:.

Longest suit of unequal length minors. A new suit at the two level or higher is forcing for one round. If lacking a high honor, give count. An Overcall of 1NT shows points, a balanced hand and stopper s in opener’s suit.