Mirrorshades: The Cyberpunk Anthology [Bruce Sterling] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. A collection of tales by the best new science. comes not only after Mirrorshades: The Cyberpunk Anthology (), the defining cyberpunk short story collection edited by Bruce Sterling. A collection of tales by the best new science fiction writers of the eighties, including Greg Bear, Pat Cadigan, William Gibson, Rudy Rucker, Lewis Shiner, Tom.

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And this is a final oddity of our generation in SF – that, for us, the literature of the future has a long and honored past. An early Di Filippo story, and its always a treat to read a mention of a young author as a prospect which turns out to be right. It feels quaint, because even in the 90s rock was dead, and punk itself as an aesthetic died too.

Bruce Sterling and William Gibson.

Cyberpunk is a natural extension of elements already present in science fiction, elements sometimes buried but always seething with potential. Michael Bruce Sterling is an American science fiction author, best known for his novels and his seminal work on the Mirrorshades anthology, which helped define the cyberpunk genre.

Not for us the giant steam- snorting wonders of the past: Mirrorshades now are the domain of the cop, the authority figure who wants to hide his eyes.

Gibson’s “The Gernsback Continuum” feels like a bad piece of his “cool hunter” post-cyberpunk days, despite being his first published story. I just wish this was in print so I could more easily get other people to check it out – and that whoever had had it at the library before me hadn’t left obnoxious comments written on the pages. Dick; the soaring, skipping beatnik tech of Alfred Bester. Red Star, Winter Orbit.

I’ve avoided stories widely anthologized elsewhere, so even hardened devotees should find new visions here. Petra was fun for being somewhat like Mage the Ascension, exploring the concept of consensual reality and what happens when shaping the world is left in the hands of humanity rather than God.


Bruce Sterling’s brainchild born in was admittedly not quite the colossal undertaking of Harlan Ellison’s inobviously due to length but more pertinently due to most of the material having already appeared then-recently in print.

Mirrorshades : the CyberPunk Anthology edited by Bruce Sterling, (Anchor House, 1986).

Each story, whether wholly or in part, present a tenet, theme, or form of artistic expression he sees as identifying the sub-genre, including its liberal, borderline-anarchic political leanings, its steling, its details, etc. In the end, Mirrorshades: As demonstrated by a number of the stories here, perhaps the most disappointing difference to me is the confidence these authors had in the continuance mirorshades space travel.

A feature of tserling is a greater engagement with the more youthful side of society — drugs, rock and roll and so forth. May 07, Jose Brox rated it liked it Recommends it for: Critics, myself included, persist in label-mongering, despite all warnings; we must, because it’s a valid source of insight – as well as great fun.

Una lectura largamente postergada. Certain central themes spring up repeatedly in cyberpunk. The story is that of a young photographer, who finds himself catching glimpses of a future, a chrome, gull-winged, future as envisaged in the s.

With the city virtually in ruins, a gigantic stomping neo-child brings them together. Muy bien escrito, personajes interesantes, syerling en los que no se puede decir que nadie sea claramente bueno. As writers, we owe a debt to those before us, those SF writers whose conviction, commitment, and talent enthralled us and, in all truth, changed our stedling.

In I guess that the most interesting part of the most famous anthology of cyberpunk stories is that there is very little cyberpunk in it at all. Simply put, Houdini is set increasingly fantastic situations from which to escape — to the extent of a nuclear bomb being dropped — nirrorshades he manages, with brio, to continue his escapological feats. They were independent explorers, whose work reflected something inherent in the decade, in the spirit of sterlkng times. The term captures something crucial to the work of these writers, something crucial to the decade as a whole: The greats have a singular ease of style and taste for the bizarre that gives you a whiff of the 80s, but the colors are still bright after twenty years.


Rock On and Solstice were both a bit of a let down plotwise, but I love the ideas of human synthesizers and drug artists.

A brief look at this book’s copyright page shows the central role of Ellen Datlow at Omni, a shades-packing sister in the vanguard of the ideologically correct, whose help in this anthology has been invaluable. Unfortunately this accuracy is conveyed via some awfully clumsy mireorshades. I don’t know if I’d call it cyberpunk, but it did make an interesting piece for speculative fiction and social commentary.

I t is also perhaps his most overtly ideological work, the result an iconoclast opening salvo. The soundtrack to that, alongside another PC game I used to play called “Megarace” are among stelring few I would name that were ahead of their time, and aged surprisingly well.

John Shirley’s Eclipse describes Western Europe in turmoil.

Mirrorshades – Wikipedia

It’s just not what it is. Cyberpunk comes from the realm where the computer hacker and the rocker overlap, a cultural Petri dish where writhing gene lines splice. Tokyo’s Hayakawa’s SF Magazine was the first publication ever to produce an “all-cyberpunk” issue, in November.