Expenses Act (Bundesreisekostengesetz, BRKG). Deadline for making claims. Reimbursement of travel expenses must be claimed within six months of travel. 20, , the previous fiscal regulations relating to German tax law on travel expenses travel expenses from on, in which it stated its official opinion on a. Per Diem for Trips within Germany (). . Parking Fees ( valid only for Travel according to BRKG).

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Travel reimbursement will only be granted to the driver of the car or respectively to the person who has rented the vehicle. Details on travel reimbursement Travel costs 1. The grant notices of the funding agencies always include comprehensive information on applicable regulations, including proper billing and proof of travel expenses. Applications, reaching later than this will not be considered. Bedingungen zur Fahrtkostenerstattung auf Grundlage des Beschlusses vom Bundesausschuss in Berlin, The only exception is point 2.

The exact amount of kilometres driven kilometres has to be stated. As an exception from 2. Travelling within Germany Travelling abroad.

The other participants sharing the car are not entitled for travel reimbursement in this case. It is therefore important to know the BRKG regulations and to apply them correctly — and especially not to exceed the applicable travel allowances — as incorrectly billed amounts may have to be paid back.


Together with the form, the participant must hand in a duly signed receipt of the driver, mentioning the bundesreisekosetngesetz of the participant, the day and the route, which he or she has transported the participant. Changes to the Bundesreisekostengesetz of January 1st and Novemver 1st Costs for special discount cards and seat reservations will not be reimbursed.

Touring Artists: BRKG (The German Travel Expenses Act)

Mit unserer Parlamentariergruppe im Bundestag und Kampagnen wirken wir auf die Politik ein. These are amended on this page.

Die Anschaffung einer Bahncard und Sitzplatzreservierungen werden nicht erstattet. For foreign currencies, the federal secretary will calculate the reimbursement according to the exchange rate of the day of reimbursement.

Trips always refer to trips the artist undertakes in the context of a funded project. German Travel Expenses Act.

In any case, the federal treasurer decides about any exceptions. However, the following rules apply 2.

If the ride has been booked via an internet portal, the confirmation may be handed in as well. A screenshot of the route from the starting point to the final destination has to be attached.


Artists, creatives and organizers who receive public subsidies in Germany are obligated to prove how funds are used. Erstattung von Fahrtkosten je nach Verkehrsmittel 2. Daher ist die Benutzung digitaler Tickets z. The participants are obliged to get their ticket signed or stamped in order to prove that it was actually used e.

Rules according to specific means of transportation bundewreisekostengesetz. The driver has to apply for reimbursement under specification of all other participants, who travelled in the car with him or her. However this does not replace the signed receipt. Copies, print outs of electronic tickets or tickets on mobile phones, etc. Wir haben eine Menge erreicht, aber zufrieden geben wir uns damit nicht.

The Bundesreisekostengesetz (BRKG) (English: German Travel Expenses Act)

Toggle navigation Funding and Residencies. A report on expenditure of funds, which will be examined by the Federal Office of Administration, must be submitted after the end of the eligibility period. However, the following rules apply.