TECHNICAL MANUAL – HOW TO USE. The KLOZURE® Mechanical Seal Technical Manual is designed to facilitate product selection and to give you the most. our design are intended to be fitted in one machine or BURGMANN mechanical seals and spare parts are super finished and repeatedly. Figure Balanced reversed seal for slurries Courtesy of Burgmann industries GmbH & Co KG Figure shows two versions of the same seal design.

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Making condensateAt the end of the sterilizationcycle, valve 2. Labyrinth to the gas side and CSR radialclearance seal to the bearing side are optional. Installation length I11corresponds to max. The combination of highlyresistant materials and standardizeddimensions offers great potential for stan-dardization projects. Plan 12Circulation from thepump discharge,through a strainer andan orifice to the seal.

Running dryas if greased. Values can be monito-red centrally on request.

In case of a failure, the CGS on the atmosphere side works as a liquid seal. A buffer gas, e. Plan 76Containment seal chamberdrain for non-condensing lea-kage or Arrangement 2 seals. In this case the temperature of the medium can beraised by around 10 to 15 K. Particularlywith natural circulation, the levelshould always be higher than therising pipe to maintain the circu-lation and to provide the speci-fied cooling capacity.

The leakage from the first gasseal stage is discharged to the flare fordisposal. Ask for a detailed brochure.

All the technical references are based onextensive tests and our many years ofexperience. Thesprings are product protected. A simple warning system plus automatic deactivationof the pump if required provides additional safety.


Burgmann Seal Design Manual 15-3

SPN with electric pump drive. The solid seal face ishard-coated and welded to the bellows. In operationwithout trouble since Forced circula-tion by pumping ring orcirculation pump. DRE pressure control units are nec-essary if different buffer pressures areused on the mechanical seals. Customized design or e. Sockets with recessed gasket no con-tamination of the circuit by threadsealant. The SMS performs the following func-tions: Buffer medium in the tubes, coolingmedium around the tubes.

This plan is used when pum-ped fluid does not condense at ambient temperatures. Thismaintains constant buffer pressure irrespective of hysteresis-induced pres-sure fluctuations. Dependent on direction ofrotation! The AGS issuitable for processes in which barriergas but no barrier fluid is allowed to enterthe product.

As I read each one, please tell me if you think it is a very big problem, a moderately More information. As a rule, everyGSS system is individually designed to take account of the specific applicationparameters. For prolonged operation un-der vacuum it is necessary to arrange for quenching on the atmospheric side.

Burgmann Seal Design Manual

Especially for hot waterapplications the type G for seat cooling is available. The ingenious modular system al-lows the HRC to be adapted for a widerange of applications which enhances theopportunities for your pumps. This is whythe training of young people is a prioritymission at Burgmann to make sure thatnothing is left to chance in the future eit-her. It cannot be used if PTFE isrequired or for sterile operation fermenting vessels.

It ispossible to use pneumatic or electricpower or a combination of both for thepressurization piston pump. Listed in continents and countries. Forthe duration of the sterilizationcycle approx. MaterialsCombination of sliding materialas: Full Country Rankings Below please find the complete rankings of all 75 markets considered in the analysis.


Lug fixture,overflow for the selective discharge ofleakage. If the working temperature lies be-low boiling point column 15 or if thesealing pressure lies clearly above the vapour pressure, a single mechanical seal may be used with consideration ofthe duty details. System is sup-plied by vendor. A ceramic intermediate sleeve is provi-ded on the kanual side.

The vessel is used for the stora-ge, pressure maintenance andcooling of buffer fluid in a sealingcircuit. Global Finance will name the best foreign exchange. Global triple-play criptions will reach million by ; up by nearly million on the end total and up by million on the total, according More information.

Solubility in water For solids kr or fe in columnthe solution equilibrium is quoted in weight per cent burgmahn the aqueous solution at C, in those cases where the evaluated literature specifies data.

Aims of the Guide 1 1. Wholesale, street prices and purity levels 7. GSS systems are maanual withalarm and switch-off points in line with safety regulations.

Other types of machine,installation conditions, modes of opera-tion, designers, manufacturers and ope-rators specifications, local regulationsand so on can result in a different choiceof mechanical seal.