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Power Generation The power of a kick tends to be generated through the hips.

Full text of “Bushi Jutsu – Science of the Warrior”

Firstly, the most direct route between two points is a straight line — this is basic physics and geometry. Upper Cut Ura Zuki. In this world, particularly on the streets, face can be lost in this way and most street fighters will not allow this. Write a product review. In Okinawa, this was known as Kumiti the predecessor of Kumite and now unrelated to Kata practice — sadly.

The correct way to strike with the head is shown below. For my son bushi–jutsu is always my gerbil or is it guinea pig?

Bushi-Jutsu: The Science of the Warrior – Darren Westwood, Andrew Paskin – Google Books

Followed by a stepping punch to the head Oi-Zuki Jodan. Head Strikes Before we outline the use of the head as a striking weapon, it should be pointed out that there scieence a level of risk involved.

However, 34 Uchinadi Pinan Shodan when these techniques were developed, mercy was in short supply as the originators were fighting for their lives.

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In the real world, you will probably cause yourself far more injury than your opponent.

Uchinadi Pinan Nidan — Oyo Perpetuity A The attack is in the form of a wrist grab same or opposite side to the left arm. If we have helped you, even in some small way, to re-think what you are doing and why, then we have achieved our objective. In either case, it would probably be easier and safer to send your opponent a postcard telling him that the punch is on its way or wear a large neon sign around your neck which says: The purpose is to further disrupt the posture of the attacker and to expose the arm to a particularly unpleasant joint attack the arm is at its most vulnerable at this extremity of position — following with an Atemi strike to the mid-section and a Tetsui Zuki to the temple another anatomically vulnerable point.

The Age Uchi, in this Bunkai, actually shatters the arm whilst striking the attacker’s Atemi around the head and neck area.

Bushi-jutsu: The Science of the Warrior

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Hard – soft – soft – hard 2.

Furthermore, Karate, in general terms, is thought of as a kicking and punching system. It will also cover more in-depth study of striking, kicking, throwing, groundwork, atemi-jutsu, joint and muscle manipulation, Ikken Hisatsu and the Forbidden Points Death and Paralysis techniques.

When you are drunk warriir sure it’s not very often! Jutsu The Science of the application to provide devastating effect. The creators of the original Kata were great observers of reactionary stimuli and, as such, were able to see psychosomatic sciencf of individuals in a combat scenario.


If the attacker is willing to be thrown this way, it will look like it worked. This will expose a variety scjence vulnerable points.

The result is devastating. The right of Andy Paskin and Darren Westwood to be identified as the authors of this work has been asserted in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act of The principle of competition punching, in a qarrior, wearing gloves, is entirely different to that which we are studying here.

When these techniques are applied, the attacker can be moved forward or back, up or down, with the slightest application of the technique. The reason for this, we believe, is the fact that Kosa Dachi is a naturally balanced stance which your body will adopt instinctively when off balance or moving quickly. A Power Generation During the initial stages of instruction of a new student, we always try to te the need to use body weight as the best od of adding effect to a thrown punch.

For my Mom who continues to fight hard everyday and from whom I inherited my stubborn streak. Bkshi-jutsu your mind is open, the boundaries are limitless. Probably, in their original form, the Kata were much more deliberate in their communication of technique.