Brother, it ain’t all bad. What’s Europe done for us, after all? Dragged us unto not one but twoworld wars? Inflicted on us murderous political philosophies from. Tom Kratman is a U.S. science fiction author and retired United States Army officer. Big Boys Don’t Cry (novella; , ); A State of Disobedience ( December ) (ISBN ); Caliphate (April ) (ISBN ). Caliphate was written by Tom Kratman, the same author of the Carrera’s Legions series. As such, it was charged with political intrigue and posits a dystopic and.

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It really isn’t uplifting.

Among other things, I learned that the reason that the 13th- and 14th-century Turks created the janissaries, an army whose rank-and-file and much of its officer corps consisted of men who had been conscripted as boys from Christian, Jewish, and other non-Muslim families and made to convert to Islam, was that unlike those raised in Islam since birth, before conversion to Islam, those young men had had plenty of hands-on experience with experiment and practice to determine the best ways of doing things.

The characters all started off pretty strong too, with compelling backstories and descriptions. Jan 29, Not rated it really liked it. Let the future care for the future; I got mine.

Well done, COL Kratman! Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go.

Statistics are an interesting thing. Such Christians as remain are relegated to dhimmitude, a form of second class citizenship.

Caliphate Afterword – Tom Kratman

Minor Tom discusses the book at some length in his responses to Amazon reviews, so I will regurgitate some of the thoughts. Mar 09, Carl rated it really liked it. Live with it, the multi-culti are a left wing phenom. Many, perhaps even most, Moslems in Europe might like to become Europeans, insiders rather than outsiders, given the chance. I recommend it for anyone interested in military thrillers or in current immigration issues. This book presents an unhappy future where kratmah American Empire having given up many of the rights that define America today is at war with Islam which governs in ever worse fashion.


Preview — Caliphate by Tom Kratman. Learn how your comment data is processed. Whereas in the 22nd century Europe is on its knees, America has nuked the Middle East and Northern Africa into virtual oblivion, taken over Canada, ccaliphate all Muslims from her territory and killed off the ones who wouldn’t go quietlydone the same for the Philippines, and established a pax Americana everywhere in the world save Europe, China, and Russia.

Somehow, the weapon must be destroyed, the slaves must be freed, and everyone must escape from the Caliphate.

If you believe that Moslems, like earlier immigrants, will assimilate into society and become Western in behavior, then this book is just another example of scare tactics. This is their nature. Please help by adding secondary or tertiary sources.

By the 22nd Century former native residents have become jizya-paying 2nd class subjects, or janissary troops in the Caliphate military, or outright slaves. This site uses cookies. Retrieved from ” https: Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants.

Seriously, go read almost anything else instead and you’ll be the better for it. It’s good to face that every now and then.

Tom discusses the book at some length in his responses to Amazon reviews, so I will regurgitate some of the thoughts. Come on Tom, what do you want? The series already has a number of fun books in it. They have an average of at least 2.

All in all this is difficult book by author that may have a little bit conservative or right view of the world but nevertheless it is good book to read [although be careful, some scenes may be a little difficult to stomach].


Get Known if you don’t have an account. As a note, racism has to do with race, not religion.

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I forgot my password Password Reset. As something that may come around as a cliche we have Caliphate huge Islamic kratmwn covering almost entire Europe except Switzerland, Balkans heh: When tax rates reach a certain point and the French government already takes over half, caliphaye the German not all that far behindand one can make more, and keep more of what is made, somewhere else, forget temptation — buy an airplane ticket. No trivia or quizzes yet.

But it will take more than daydreaming to free her and Europe from krqtman Islamic shackles: There are also sympathetic Muslim characters. It seems that ex-fascists can learn from their mistakes.

And did I mention the frequent child rape? The Gabi flashbacks depict Germany as it becomes more populated by Muslim immigrants and her romance with a non-practicing Muslim immigrant. You are commenting using your Twitter account. He then went to Boston College on an Army scholarship. I see Caliphzte in our future and I am not enthused. Jan 31, Adam White rated it really liked it.

Book Review: Caliphate, by Tom Kratman | Sharp and Pointed

So long as I get my five weeks paid vacation yearly, guaranteed job security, universal health care, etc. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. I’ve actually picked up the epub version of this book from the Baen Free Library.