The Zhouyi cantong qi JUMrHfp]^ (“Token of the Agreement of the Three in Accordance with the Book of Changes”) illustrates another facet of the links between. The Zhouyi cantong qi 周易參同契 “Token for the agreement of the Three according to the Book of Changes”, shortly called Cantongqi, is the most important. To Yoshiko Contents Preface, ix Introduction, 1 The Title of the Cantong qi, 2 A At least thirty-eight commentaries to the Cantong qi written through the end of.

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With Peng Xiao, Wei Boyang becomes a learned master who is competent in prose and poetry, is versed in the esoteric texts, cultivates the Dao “in secret and silence,” and nourishes himself “in Empty Non-being.

Cantong Qi – The Triplex Unity – The Scholar Sage

Jilin wenshi chubanshe, The change is first clearly visible in Waidan, where the conversion of earlier practices to different doctrinal founda- tions resulted in a new way of compounding the Elixir. In the Ancient Textboth the “Canon” and the “Commentary” are divided into three chapters, respectively devoted to cosmology, Taoism, and alchemy.

The five agents and the Elixir: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The first consists of non-alchemical practices, including breathing, meditation on the inner gods, sexual practices, and worship of spirits and minor deities:.

For the same reason, Water is also the element that supports the River Chariot hechethe vehicle that transports the One Breath Metal, True Lead, True Yang back and forth in its cycles of ascent and descent within the cosmos. This will lead us to touch on some important themes in the Chinese alchemical doctrines — for example, the relation between timelessness and time, the use of various sets of images to represent and measure time, and their significance from an alchemical point of view.

The Representation of Time in the Zhouyi Cantong Qi 1 57 based on sources sometimes so fragmentarily preserved as to defy intelligibility, Anna Seidel demonstrated the continuity between these themes and Taoist doctrines, showing that the Han and Six Dynasties doctrines of Taoist initiation and transmission matched the wei lore of dynastic investiture and succession.


The three things are one family: Thus Wei Boyang and his faithful disciple attained immortality. Anony- mous Neidan commentary, dating from after We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. In the genera- tive sequence of the agents, Metal generates Water, and Wood gener- ates Fire. The arts are so many. These four, in indistinction. Yu Yan —dating from In the traditional Chinese weight system, 16 ounces liang correspond to one pound jin.

Taoism and Internal Alchemy, by Liu Yiming Divided into 26 short chapters, this book provides a comprehensive overview of the basic principles of Taoism and an introduction to Taoist Internal Alchemy, or Neidan, written by one of the most important masters of this cantongg. Closely associated in content with the system of the Book of Changes Yijing JalM and formally attached to this and the other Classics, the apocrypha were primarily concerned with the principles that regulate the functioning ccantong the cosmos and thus were intended to direct the course of the sovereign’s actions.

Unlike Wei Boyang, Chunyu Shutong is a historical character, whose fantong to prognostication point to a milieu close to those that produced the catnong.

If the cantonv sets of walls are shaped as joined semicircles, they form a wheel see fig. Other complementary pairs, like ruler and minister, father and son, husband and wife, Yin and Yang are likewise to be found in the creative process of alchemy, expressed by the arrangement of the tools, the various ingredients, the time, tempering and the chemical transformation of materials.

The waidan elixir, often referred to as jing II or “essence,” is an entity deprived of temporal aspects and therefore capable of restoring matter degraded by the action of time to a pure and uncorrupt state, represented by gold. This portion of the Cantong qi begins with a description of the principles of alchemy. Moreover, as it has been pointed out Pregadio Abstract This chapter considers analogies among certain Taoist views on the generation of the cosmos, the birth of the human being, and the compounding of the Elixir.

One or more texts entitled Cantong qi may have existed during the Han period, but if any such text did exist, it was certainly not the present one.


The Seal of the Unity of the Three

Princeton University Press, J 4, CT3. The “outer protection” mentioned in this passage is the crucible.

After the two other disciples had left, Wei Boyang came to life again. Presses Universitaires de France, A History of Chinese Philosophy. Moreover, the commentary refers twice 1.

The cosmological portions of the Cantong qi give emphasis to three emblematic time cycles: For example, the notes on the verse, “He contemplates on high the manifest signs of Heaven” The Secret of Everlasting Life: There are, indeed, two forms of Brahma; time, and the Timeless.

Bibliographic Studies on the Cantong qi forthcoming. The state of Unity, to which the four external agents must return in order to generate life, is represented by number 1, which belongs to Water. The flow of the broken and unbroken lines through trigrams and hexagrams is apparent in the two main devices that the Cantong qi adopts to represent time, which we will now examine.

Your deeds have rebounded, for you were defiant and let slip the hinge. Columbia University Press, Whatever practice they follow, they achieve their work by reproducing the pattern of time in order to transcend it and attain timelessness, or immortality. The multiple denotations of its unbroken — and broken — lines, in particular, parallel the three stages of cosmogony.

They are generated in the first place by the division of original Unity into Yin and Yang, and by the further subdivision of Yin and Yang into four states. The relationship between xiantian and houtian, or analogous correlates, is a key element in alchemy and other canhong, bound to show that the two sides of the dichotomy are radically different and yet fundamentally one. Login with your Institution. The last association allows scaling down time from the year to the day.

A description of the transcendence acquired by the adept zh. These subjects are ai to one another into a unique doctrine.