Full text of “Carnevil Carnevil Operations Manual” lX LISTED Operation Manual . SERIAL NUMBER SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS The following safety. Midway CarnEvil Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Midway CarnEvil Operation Manual. View and Download Midway CarnEvil operation manual online. 2 Player Dedicated 25 inch Video Game. CarnEvil Arcade Game Machines pdf manual.

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CarnEVIL manual – TAKEN – UK-VAC : UK Video Arcade Collectors Forum

Remove front screws and slide the meter out. Plug in the line cord and turn on the game. Remove grilles and check speakers.

These buttons set game sound levels. You may save several custom prices and then choose between them as needed. Carnveil the battery out and remove from the cabinet.

If necessary, calibrate the shotguns. Replace ground wires, shields, safety covers, etc. Do not remove or install any connector when power is turned on. Open front door and formed housing. The screen displays an illustration of each switch block and the current settings.


Disconnect the wiring harness and the fuses from the interface board assembly. Unlock and open cash door. Remove the remote adjustment board from the cabinet and reconnect it to the monitor before servicing or replacement.

Midway CarnEvil Operation Manual

A reversed connector may damage your game and void the warranty. Player 2 results appear in purple on the right. Change the mechanism setup and pricing as required. You can set other variables with control switches. Weak low frequencies and thin or hollow mnaual quality is symptom of incorrectly phased speakers.


After you reassemble gun, verify that good connection exists between static shield and cable ground. Hang excess cord on the plastic clip near the vent. Credits to Start Credits needed to begin game play.

Lift the assembiy and guide it out of the cabinet. May appear continuous during startup. Also use a shotgun to shoot carmevil health and gun-upgrade symbols. Shooting her earns a life penalty, but does not manuxl any long-term consequences or changes to the game. These are the middle two buttons, inside the coin door.

  A06B 6096 H105 PDF

Light emitting diodes glow if processor circuits receive voltage. Verify presence of A. They can be obtained by shooting floating icons, such as a shotgun shell or a barrel of acid, and cannot be reloaded.

The Attract Mode sound level is lower than the game play sound level. These tests automatically verify and report the condition of the disk drive and other hardware. No retrace lines or noise should be visible. Clean and inspect the lamp before reassembling.

CarnEVIL manual – TAKEN

Instructions for creating new price settings appear on the screen in sequence to guide you through the custom process. The electronic ballast in this assembly does not require a separate starter. The screen displays this submenu.