CONTENIDOS DEL JUEGO DE ANILLO DE PISTON. JUEGOS Anillos de compresión superiores de cromo. Anillos de las publicaciones de los catálogos. Catalogo Prasa Camisa-motor (Lerc). Cargado CATÁLOGO DE AMORTIGUADORES BOGE MOTOR Lpower Stroke. Catalogo Anillos Piston Melling. Title: Catalogo de Productos, Author: juan rocha, Name: Catalogo de Productos Car Pro. Valv. Escape rapido QR-N 3/8 Cummins. Centrinel. Jgo. De anillos STD XSTD X X X03 Midland .

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Page 33 Acura Truck Page 34 American Motors Page 38 Dodge Truck Page farpro Eagle Aniillos Page 57 Ford Truck Page 79 General Motors Corp Page 80 General Motors Truck Page Honda Truck Page Infiniti Truck Page Isuzu Truck Page Lexus Truck Page Mazda Truck Page Mitsubishi Truck Page Nissan Catslogo Page Saturn Truck Page Subaru Truck Page Suzuki Truck Page Toyota Truck Page Volkswagen Truck Page Heavy duty applications Allis-Chalmers Page Chrysler Industrial Page Chrysler Marine Page Clark Equipment Page Dearborn Wood Bros Page Detroit Diesel Page Ford Industrial Page Ford Marine Page Ford Tractor Page General Motors Marine Page International Industrial Page International Tractor Page John Deere Page Mazda Industrial Page Mercedes Benz Truck Page Mercury Anilpos Page Thermo King Reefer Page White Farm Page Piston ring set content listing These products are intended solely for automotive applications.

Under absolutely NO circumstances should these products ever be used in non-automotive applications including, without limitation, aircraft engines, medical equipment, atomic energy devices or reactors. Federal, State and local laws restrict the removal, rendering inoperative, or in some cases the modification of factory installed emission devices or systems.

California restricts the use of parts which could catalogoo emissions in vehicles designed for use on public streets or highways. The sale or installation on emission controlled vehicles of certain emission control components not approved by the California Air Resources Board, which alter or modify the original design or performance of such vehicle s emission control system is prohibited.

Some of the parts listed and offered for sale in this catalog may fall within the above restrictions. Such parts are intended only for use on off-road vehicles competing in competitive events or on other types of vehicles which are exempt from the applicable emission control laws. Installation of these parts on catalogl subject to emission control laws may be prohibited. MAHLE Clevite recommends that the applicable emission control laws be reviewed before considering the installation of add-on or modified caalogo.


Table of Contents. Catalog No. PR Supersedes PR WEATHERLY INDEX 020

Each section appears in alphabetical sequence with the manufacturer s name appearing at the top of each page. The light vehicle section includes domestic and imported passenger car and truck engine applications. The heavy duty section is composed of agricultural, highway, off road, industrial and marine applications.

There are three part numbering formats: Use the manufacturer s index in the front of this catalog to locate the vehicle manufacturer desired. Turn to the indicated manufacturer section and locate the corresponding block number listed to the right of the desired engine.

Model data is also included to help identify what engines are used in particular models during regular production years. Each block has the the anlilos pertinent information to that part number: MAHLE is the largest piston ring manufacturer in the world.

Working with a variety of global engine manufacturers gives MAHLE a distinct technological advantage. Innovations like steel compression rings, coated compression rings for diesels plus CP oil rings all evolved from meeting OE challenges.

They are the piston ring of choice. Alloy steel compression rings provide strength that lasts Piston rings made of ductile or gray cast iron have been the material of choice for years. Today, more engine builders than ever prefer steel over cast iron compression rings. Pioneered for heavy duty applications by the former Perfect Circle group, steel compression rings now have a proven record of success in all types of vehicle engines. Today s engines put greater demand on piston rings than ever before: All these factors created the need for a ring that is stronger, harder, seals better and resists breakage and wear under load.

The answer is steel – SAE high alloy steel.

Table of Contents. Catalog No. PR Supersedes PR WEATHERLY INDEX PDF

It s another evolution in engine design and rebuilding. High Alloy Steel vs. Ductile Iron Physical Advantages: First, the lighter ring will seal against the bottom of the ring groove more effectively. Secondly, the smaller cross section, permitted by the greater strength, improves the ability of the ring to conform better to less than perfect cylinders. Both features mean that oil consumption is reduced. Including application-matched compression and intermediate rings, premium CP piston ring sets are designed to be installer friendly.


They are pre-lapped to seat immediately, virtually eliminating break-in time. Ring materials and coatings as well as ring tension are all optimized for reduced friction and extended life in each application.

Compression Ring Barrel faced contact area for more efficient compression CNC controlled gap chamfer optimizes compression and reduces blow-by Intermediate Ring Anlllos twist design for better groove side sealing Taper face machining to enhance contact Oil Ring The CP Oil Ring offers better side sealing and easy installation. By now an industry icon, the MAHLE Original CP oil ring assembly gets the name from aniloos 20 ear angle an exclusive feature that provides the best possible side seal against the cylinder wall.

A special chemical polish on the oil ring expander offers enhanced oil drainback. A number of design features, including a low deflection rate, make the CP oil ring assembly easier to install. Reduced pop-out and assembly overlap eliminate the need for technican s to use nylon blocks or latches.

Exclusive 20 ear angle for side sealing. Polishing process improves oil drainback. These are a few of the features to make searching cyberspace for engine parts easier than ever: Interactive search capabilities New part data updated daily Real-time visibility of new products and added coverage Immediate updating of product images and specification data Access to online parts ordering through mahlecleviteorder.

Catpro end clearance is not shown because it is not critical.

Engine tests have proven that the end clearance of both compression and oil rings may be as much as. When end clearance is more than. Cylinder oversizes with recommended ring set oversizes are specified below.

El maximo no se muestra, puesto que no es una medida critica.

Cuando la abertura es mas de. DP Master Assortment No. Features Exact replacement, high silicon content aluminum alloy with the same content and weight. Eliminates the need to replace all pistons unnecessarily. Cstalogo only the piston s required for the repair. RS4 Audi: Rancho Santa Fe Rd. San Marcos, CA Tel. Table of Contents Hastings Piston Rings Piston Ring Functions