Cathedral has ratings and reviews. Kemper said: In the early ’80s a group of Irish terrorists seize St. Patrick’s Cathedral and take hostages d. Cathedral is a novel by American author, Nelson DeMille. The novel involves the seizing of St. Patrick’s Cathedral by members of the Irish Republican . Cathedral by Nelson DeMille – book cover, description, publication history.

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Parts nrlson the action were just too detailed and spread over too many characters. Anyway, I enjoyed this book quite a bit. This is one of my favorite political thrillers. Characters were also interesting, but the disaster dragged on a bit for me. Next, the deadline of 6: This story drags and could have been reduced significantly.

She took a deep breath and fired, shifted her aim, and fired again. As a result, he and I proceeded to answer every question that came our demills with references to this book. It seemed like he really hasn’t found his voice yet, as this was one of his earlier books, and the way that the characters are demiole in the beginning was a bit jumbled, rushed and confusing.

Cathedral (novel) – Wikipedia

I need to put this on my list to re-read. Copyrights Cathedral from BookRags. Characters fall in nelaon categories: I did very well in that class even after she read it. Return to Book Page. Even under normal British law she would probably be convicted on Coogan’s testimony.


A few men scrambled over and around Sheila, and she heard the sounds of blows, shouts, and cries as the men left the truck. Hickey is a devil delighting in the desecration of a holy place even as plays the good Catholic. Actually Cathedral is not very good at all.

A young British army officer, a major, sat in a chair behind a small camp desk in the center of the windowless room. This is an older Nelson DeMille book that I had missed reading. The story kept you guessing at every turn of the page, I couldn’t figure out even the slightest of what was to come. Well, a hint is that DeMille’s female characters often turn out to be the vicious warriors, after scolding the men who have been amusing us with their vicious war talk.

Cathedral by Nelson DeMille is a very exciting book that is hard to put down once the reader begins reading it. As I read the book, I continued to note how different the story is, pre, from more current writings. Cathedral Published on May 27, A soldier shouted into the truck, “Clear out! DeMille has written a book about the Irish and British problem that many will not want to read because of the story.

The cops face a booby-trapped, perfectly laid out killing zone inside the church.

Cathedral by Nelson DeMille

Maybe I missed something. Top that off with a few of the characters also having Irish aliases, and it was beyond frustrating.

If the releases are not made by 6: Don’t lie to us, you cowardly, murdering b–ch. The younger man, Private Harding, cleared his throat. In fact, after I finished the last page, I text the title to my friend and suggested she read it.


Cathedral Summary & Study Guide

Interesting story but too detailed. Ewbank rated it really liked it Shelves: While creating a believable scenario in which politics play a large part, he also delivers some great action although it does seem to take cathedra long to finally get to the final showdown.

An unconscious man, his head bloodied, was dragged past her. She could hear motors in the street and the sounds of boots against the cobbles. Sep 12, Logeshwar rated it it was amazing.

But I couldn’t finish it. Patrick Cathedral and actually the entire terror activity is financed by him.

She let her aching arms fall and bent over to pull up her pants. An Demilpe guard cathedrak at the front of the truck, fondling a large truncheon. The guard kept up an anti-Catholic tirade until the truck stopped and the tailgate swung open, revealing a large, floodlit enclosure surrounded by barbed wire and machine-gun towers. The RUC guard was kicking everyone toward the tailgate now, like a trash man sweeping the floor of his truck clean at the dump.