It creates a subtree named epics/config in whatever directory the cvs checkout See the CVS document Version Management with CVS by Per Cederquist and. The terminology used in the CVS documentation, and thus also in WinCvs, may WinCvs will now import your entire directory hierarchy to the CVS server. .. The original CVS doc that we reference is written by Per Cederquist et al. >The error message: >cvs server: cannot open /root/.cvsignore: the inetd entry recommended by the Cederquist manual is >cvspserver.

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WinCvs — Daily Use Guide

Ceerquist sure Create missing directories that exist in the repository is checked. To edit a file, do ceferquist following: The read-only flag will be removed, and the CVS server registers you as an editor of the given file. Enter the label in the New tag name input field. The conflicting area is marked like this:. Export Refers to extraction of an entire module from the repository, without any CVS administrative files: If your browser supports style sheets, you will find a couple of different typesetting and color variations thruout the document.

Graph A rather cool feature that shows the revision graph for a single file. Type start in the Release tag field. This step is optional, but it is highly recommended that you take some time to shortly describe what was changed. If you know exactly what directories and files are part of the branch, you may select these instead.


This is needed to make sure that actions such as updates, commits etc. I’ve never used Quanta, so I can’t help with that. WinCvs will now try to identify any binary files that you may have in your directory tree.

ecderquist Just starting out and have a question? Use binary for non-text files, otherwise the files will be corrupted by CVS! It also shows both the local and the repository revision numbers, and tags, if any.

WinCvs Daily Use Guide

This is particularly important if your project has been going on for a while. To create a branch, do the following: The graph lets you select two revisions using the shift button for some reason and do a diff between them. This is a “feature”. So, I will need local access to CVS and the second programmer will need remote access. Visit the following links: Select the directory, file or files that you want to know more about.

Before committing, you should do an update to make sure there ceddrquist no conflicts. In the Import settings dialog, type the module name with the directory appended. A checkout settings dialog appears. If you do the operation a second time to merge changes done to the branch after the last mergemerging from the start of the branch is not what you want, and it will most likely get you into trouble.

The files will now xvs removed from the repository. Turn on the Check that the files are unmodified before branching checkbox.

CVS: dying gasps from server – Mihail Stoynov’s blog

Move your local copy to the branch you want to merge the changes into. In that case you should rather do the following:. As the name implies, you should have something for the CVS server to import before thinking version control. Tag A symbolic name given to a set of files at a specific time of development. See What branches are good for in the CVS documentation.

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The basis for the import operation is cederquisg “clean” directory structure. You may view these sticky tags by issuing a status command on the files, as described in Viewing Changes. Click the right mouse button on the selction, and choose the Remove cvx menu item. Select the directory, file or files that you want to tag.

You will probably also want to commit the merged files back to the repository, as described in Sending Your Changes to CVS. In wither case, you have to define your CVSROOT environment variable make a directory on your machine if local or use your remote repository and then you can use cvs add, cvs checkout, etc.

Click the right mouse button on the selction, and choose the Update selection menu item. In the Import settings dialog, type a module name. To update, do the following:.