The Press The CINVA-Ram Block Press is a simple, low-cost portable machine for making building blocks and tiles from common soil (see Fig. 1). The press. The CETA-RAM is a manually operated block press, developed by the housing . The CETA-RAM is a modified version of the well known CINVA-RAM. 17 products offers 17 cinva ram products. About 88% of these are brick making machinery, 5% are other earthwork products. A wide variety of cinva.

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Cinva RAM | Favorite Places & Spaces | Pinterest | Brick, Construction and Building

You may want to let him know that the slot size has been changed from 2″ to 1″ for the pull arm guide slot. That’s why we want you to save money and trees by subscribing through our earth-friendly automatic renewal savings plan.

Its a free downloadable drawing software that seems to be fairly user friendly. But here’s the sketchup file. Money-Saving Tips in Every Issue!

Thank you in advance for the input on any or all of these questions! I never did make DXFs; my waterjet guy did them. Get answers from experts. Is it like a normal fired brick or will it wash away?

Precast firebox sloped back. One 1″ or slightly oversized hole drilled in small end. Mike — I’m wondering has anyone posted to you that they’re willing to weld this for someone?

This is an extremely cool thread.

Too little, and you get a soft block. You then get a block that interlocks. Then I’d practice till I was confident, and sell the used welder and mask for what I paid for them. Too much, and you can’t squeeze the handle down all the way.


I need help with the Cinva Ram. I know since I created it, I raj give it away. Hydraulics seem like they would be simpler, but the cinva is ingenious in the way it pushes from both sides–greatly reducing the stress and size of steel needed.

Hi Chris, In the different places I’ve lived, I’ve always found it very easy to find welders. They are working good so farbut i am howevernot done welding everything together yet.

Is the Original CINVA Ram Still Available for Making Compressed Earth Blocks?

That finva a few more bucks if you don’t have it in your scrap pile. Working with hydraulics was beyond both my budget and my expertise. Do you know of any clear, nontoxic finishes that we could use icnva keep the red dust from getting everywhere, but still see the bricks? So if you’d like to build this press, you can 1. Rod is welded to small piece of plate cinvz, thickness not important, as long as it’s stiff enough to hold the lid upand the plate is welded to the lid.

According to cusmer’s requirements, the mould can be changed. One of the things I really liked about his designs was that most of the machines were designed to accept a common power source, a box containing an engine that is easily moved ramm one machine to another such as from the tractor to the CEB press thus vastly reducing cost. Here are the missing parts: Lucky for you, I took the week off work, and making such a video might just be in the cards.


The press, made entirely of steel, basically consists of a mould box with a cover, onto which a toggle lever is rolled. Dear Sirs I’m building a machine with a hydraulic piston and let me know how many inches or centimeters must press That is, how much to raise the bottom plate. Land Ark is one company I have used successfully in the past. This is connected via a yoke to a piston below the mould box, which has a moveable base plate fixed to the piston. I hunted and hunted around for a set of plans to build one, and came up empty handed.

2006 MHA Annual Meeting

Can you ra, me a call when you have time? Search Titles Subjects Organizations Collage. Actually, I pressed some blocks to see how it would go, then figured I should do something with them: The Cinva-Ram pops your finished brick up out of the mold so you can carefully pick it up, and it keeps its crisp corners: After greasing the sides of the mould, the soil mix is filled in, making sure that the corners are properly raj and slightly compressed by hand.

The pressed earth blocks save a lot of energy by not being fired – plus they have an unbeatable overall “feel”.