Excellent vibration resistance and impact strength (patented system) Protective steel case totally enclosing the lock and striker. Elettrika is non handed (patented . Innovative locking system, with a ‘rotary hook deadbolt’. Pull resistance of up to kg. Excellent vibration resistance and impact strength (patented system). CISA ELETTRIKA 1A 00 0 12v Electric Lock with Push Button for Steel gates and Elettrika is non handed and with avariable backset from 50 to 80 mm.

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Wheel drive motors are suitable for use on long gates on hard surfaces. Timing of the opening command, State of door signal, Electric hold open function, Voltage adaptator for voltages other than12 Vac, Reduced input, Undersized power supply.

Freight charges will apply for non stocked items. The elettrik system guarantees silent operation as the lock is being opened, more than traditional electric locks.

V2 Electric Gate Spares. To operate with Mhouse automation an EL1 Lock operator is required. We eletyrika a wide range of quality audio wired intercoms, with or without keypad, including the simple to fit Farfisa two wire systems and the popular Videx models. Standard and high speed versions, with battery back-up on some models.

The innovative reloading system ensures silent opening and closing operation.

CISA Elettrika: Made to impress – CISA

Can be boosted to suit 24V power supply. Product Description The CISA “Elettrika” electric lock is the ideal solution for managing the opening and closing of steel and wooden gates and entrance doors apartment buildingswhile still guaranteeing high resistance to forced entry. Multiple product orders and non standard shipping: Genius Electric Gate Spares. Farfisa Video Intercom – Single with Keypad. Estimated delivery lead times are indicated for each product and can be: We hire force testers to check and record the force levels during installation ensuring they meet the current standards.


Same as the is key lockable, has a rotating deadbolt and can xisa mounted gate to gate or gate to post, horizontally or vertically. X Notice This website or its third party tools use cookies, which are necessary to its functioning and required to achieve the purposes illustrated in the cookie policy. Suitable for all applications from the end of a private ciisa to a busy car park. Gate Kits By Brand.

Cisa Elettrika Rim Lock

Cisa Power Supply 12Vac 3 amp Ref: We provide a number of different keypads both in wired and wireless versions. Fadini Gate Automation Spares. Voltage adaptator for voltages other than 12 Vac, Reduced input, Undersized power supply, Electric hold open function.

These items are in stock at our carefully selected suppliers. Backset adjustable from 50mm to 80mm Non-handed lock 12 V ac CE Current absorption 3A Reversibility and backset variable from 50 to 80 mm. We cannot be held liable for any losses or costs incurred from delivery at a different date or time.

Solar Powered Gate Opener. We supply a variety of colour video intercom systems with or without keypad, including the popular two wire simple to fit See Easy system from Farfisa. These include everything you will need to make a standard gate into a sliding gate.

Elettrika is fitted with a new type of self-adjusting “swinging rod” striker, active both vertically and horizontally patented system. Farfisa Audio Intercom elehtrika Keypad. Tags and cards are supplied for use on all systems.

We only offer reliable power supplies that will give a long trouble free service.


For Steel Gates Outside: Booster for 24V power supply Manufactured in: Enter your feedback modal content here. We stock all types and brands of photocell beams including surface and flush versions.

ElettriKa – electric rim lock

Gate Kits Above Ground Automation. Ready-made ciwa gate hardware kits are available based on the size of your opening. Excellent vibration resistance and impact strength Protective steel case totally enclosing the lock and striker.

Provides a protective loop where the cable passes from the gate post to the gate. The rotary hook deadbolt ensures immediate cksa of the floor striker, limiting rebound. Our solar powered systems in 12v and brushless 24v offer the latest battery saving technology.

Electric Garage Door Opener. Lockwood 70SC handle furniture suit mortise lock.

Certified up to Security grade 6 according to European standard ENguaranteed ellettrika the rotary hook deadbolt patented which provides resistance to tensile strength of up to kg the standard covers a maximum of kg. The gate rebound effect is reduced. Enter your contact details or email form shortcode here.

CISA ELETTRIKA – Electric Gate Lock

These items are in stock in our own warehouse. Impact Gate Force Tester Equipment. Excellent security on automatic twin gates with its kg pull resistance. Our sliding gate motors encompass safety, reliability and ease of control in one package. We stock a collection of proximity readers from those that are modular on intercom call stations, to standalone units with external readers. Our wheel drive kits provide a solution for gates that open tight against a wall or fence, and the opening angle is degrees.