Living the Cross Centered Life has ratings and reviews. Let dynamic pastor C. J. Mahaney strip away the nonessentials and bring you back to the. 18 quotes from Living the Cross Centered Life: Keeping the Gospel the Main Thing: ‘Only those who are truly aware of their sin can truly cherish grace.’. Remember Jesus Christ? Although it seems almost too obvious, the center of our faith is surprisingly easy to forget. Dynamic pastor C.J. Mahaney shows.

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Published January 19th by Multnomah first published October 12th I haven’t been a fan of gospel tracts for years.

That truth is, “Jesus Christ has died for my sins. This is a book that after three times already reading it I’d read it again and again. Using expertly selected verses, quotes, and anecdotes Mahaney shows how these distractions can creep into our lives, but not without ilfe for prevention.

The Cross-Centered Life

He cannot be sad because He has chosen to overlook my sin, since His son paid the price for it. We must never get tired of the gospel or “graduate” from the gospel. The cross reveals so much truth, however, we need to be diligent in kife for that truth. Mahaney, who shows you how to center every day around the cross of Calvary and how to escape the pitfalls of legalism, condemnation, and feelings-driven faith. Was it on that spot where God most reveals His personal love for you – the cross?


The Cross-Centered Life by C.J. Mahaney | : Books

Keeping the Gospel the Main Thing is a gem! He reminds us of the great truths of the Christian faith: No days off allowed. P Smith rated cenntered it was amazing. I’ll return to this again and again. His passion is contagious, leading the reader to rejoice in the completed work of the Savior and to depend on His power in every area of life.

One of the band members turned out to be gay and their manager gave them AIDS as a wedding gift. Throughout the book Mahaney calls the Christian to look only mahaneu always at the cross, and to find there the power to live a life that is pleasing to God.

All we do is spin our wheels. Some have been good, some have been awful. Great book to keep your Christian life in crsos. I’ll never forget one that was against Christian rock music. Living the Cross Centered Life is a book that has found a permanent home on my bookshelf. Here’s a simple definition that I use: Nov 27, Cliff Downey rated it amhaney was amazing Shelves: Cry tears of amazement.

Our condemnation becomes our baggage.

Book Review – The Cross Centered Life – Tim Challies

This short book is packed with gospel truth. He quotes Scripture as a reminder that it is preaching the Gospel that converts and that follow-up to any movie like this is critical if we want to see real change in people’s hearts. Subjectivism, which is we base truth on our feelings instead of the word of God. Treat yourself or buy it as a gift for someone else. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Mahaney, in simple, straightforward language, explains what Christ accomplished The contents of this book literally changed my life.


This is ths book that deserves to be read and re-read, as we all n In order to live a cross centered life, our days must be centered around the message of the cross. But, no, it is anything but.

It serves as a simple reminder of the affect of the Truth of what Christ has done for me – and drives home the fact that the Gospel is not just for the unsaved – quite the contrary actually.