Find out how to use Clickatell’s SMS API with supporting documentation, example code to send a free test SMS message. Find out more about the Send Message command in our REST API and the server response for JSON and XML formats. Learn how to use the SEND message command using our SMS API to send one or message text messages with function parameters how to use them.

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For example, if contacts in your CRM database are listed as and they are in the US, you would add”1″ as your Default Country Code in the field below.

Clickatell – Integration Help & Support | Zapier

Sign up using Facebook. Standard Product Base Server.

Make a note of clickkatell of these as you will need this to log back into the Clickatell website in the future to view message logs, purchase credits or additional services from Clickatell. Error messages are generated by the Clickatell gateway during the validation phase before a message is accepted. Or are you asking how to change the Sender that the user sees when the message arrives?

Last Name is required. Please keep me updated on how your platforms can make our company more successful. Remember to make a note of the Clickatell ClientID which appears in the top right hand corner of the Clickatell website when you are logged in — you should also receive an email from Clickatell with your account details which you should file clixkatell future reference.

I am using platform account by the way.

Email Address is required. Send us your questions and we will provide you with the information and resources that you need. Secondly, this tiny module parse the response and return the response as an object when the request is successful and the promise is resolved, otherwise an instance of Error is returned rejecting the promise. First of all, how you’ll have realised the methods return a promise, so it uses promises, concretely Q promise.


However, in some responses, Clickatell response with a list of field value, as kind of on JSON array, but more ugly, plain text, and this module is not smart enough to return an array of objects, so it returns an array of values for each field, and the position of one element of the array of one filed should be associated with element in the same position of the array of the another field.

Hi jeicoo, Just to check if I understand your query – are you referring to unlocking functionality to send what you want, instead of a generic test?

It is not within the control of Codeless Platforms exactly how its products will be used in conjunction with third party technologies.

Clickatell API Integration

We will then format and insert the country code to all of the numbers being sent to. Please enter your Clickatell issued short code or long number here. Get coverage Check the coverage of a network or mobile number without sending a message to clkckatell handset Get Get bearer Get destination Get minimumCharge Get routable.

Ben Click 21 3. Transformation functions A set of transform functions that can be dragged onto the mapping area to change the data between input and output. The text content of the message. Yes No Suggest Edits. It seems that you did cclickatell understand my query, I am not asking for both of them. In order to prevent illegal spoofing you are required to aoi any sender IDs that you may wish to set when sending a message.

Clickatell SMS Integration Brochure Learn how integrating Clickatell with your clidkatell software streamlines the creation and delivery of data-driven SMS messages and guarentees the timing and relevance of your communications. Or do you need to improve the speed and accuracy of your bulk SMS communications? Your voice will help us improve JavaScript. We’d love to help.


Clickatell API Documentation

Then, bear in mind that, you know cllckatell you should receive an object with the fields specified in the text plain responses e. Check the coverage of a network or mobile number without sending a message to that handset. Once the Clickatell website has appeared click the Sign Up Now button and enter your details into the Personal Information form Step 1 and click Continue. Drag and drop experience A full drag and drop user experience so integration steps are visually represented within a wider automated process.

We will send up to 5 message segments of characters per segment for a total of as many as characters. Clivkatell are detailed explanations about what is expected for reach action field. You will now be logged in to the Clickatell website. I cannot find any documentation on how to do that. I’ve started this project in a Hackathon and so far Cilckatell don’t know if I will spend time in the future enhancing and providing the whole Clickatell’s API, however if somebody is interested in wpi, then fork it clickaell contribute sending pull requests.

This is an important feature as it prevents you from masquerading as someone else and sending a message from a mobile number which does not belong to you or one of your staff. Each segment of characters will be debited from your Clickatell account at a rate of 1 message.

Please leave this field empty. More Information Got it! Once a purchase is made, you can personalize your messages. Where are fmSMS users located? Retrieve balance Show the number of credits available on your account Get Get account balance Get balance Get bearer.