Voided biaxial slabs are reinforced concrete slabs in which voids reduce the amount of concrete. While concrete has been used for thousands of years, the use. Cobiax [1] slabs contain synethic void forming modules making slabs up to 35% lighter. This has a huge benefit for floor slabs in buildings as. efficient economic sustainable lightweight concrete slabs. Germany. Heinze Cobiax Deutschland GmbH. Otto-von-Guericke-Ring D Wiesbaden.

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Columns and beams limit the design possibilities for the entire space.

Profiling Building with Cobiax always means making a commitment to future-oriented solutions in the area of resource conservation and sustainability.

An important amount of tests and theoretical research on the subject of Cobiax slabs has been carried out by various academic institutions. This saves a substantial intermediate step in the construction phase; furthermore, scheduling is more reliable.

Voided biaxial slab – Wikipedia

Wider Scopes as an obligation Cobiax is more than just a brand. For decades, [ when? No need for special trained staff or waiting specialized sub-contractors. So, construction companies, engineers, architects and builders can be assured that they will reap the benefits of the many advantages of Cobiax voided systems, without the slightest risk in terms of structural stability.

This not only facilitates the smooth running of the construction process.

The Cobiax history is one of safe, sustainable and profitable innovations in the building industry: Void formers — positioned between the bottom and top rein- forcement layers — displace concrete.

Reduction in the number of pillars. Articles with Italian-language external links Wikipedia articles with possible conflicts of interest from February Articles that may contain original research from August All articles that may contain original research All articles with vague or ambiguous time Vague or ambiguous time from August The Cobiax advantage for engineers Structure It is decisively easier to keep structural records of the slab building elements and the building as a whole.


Can be used together with prefabs. Design The Cobiax flat slab has the cobiqx mechanical load bearing behaviour as a solid flat plate slab. Possibility of large span at equal cobiwx or high load bearing capacity at an equal span. A two way spanning voided biaxial slab construction compared to a traditional two way spanning non voided biaxial slab construction:.

Let yourself be surprised.

You will know when you enter the hall. With Cobiax technologies, these beam constructions are no longer necessary — building time is reduced and the building can be put into operation sooner. A major contributor to cobix article appears to have a close connection with its subject.

Voided biaxial slab

Slab thickness from 40 to 60 cm. Possibility to gain floors at the same building height towers and building volume. With Cobiax voided flat plate slabs, earthquake certification is easier; the reduced moving load is dynamically more tolerant than a conventionally designed building.

The main obstacle with concrete constructions, in case of horizontal slabs, is the high weight, cobiaz limits the span.

Voided is more capable

In principle, voided biaxial slabs act like solid slabs. While concrete has been used for thousands of years, the use of reinforced concrete is usually attributed to Joseph-Louis Lambot in These elements comprise the top and bottom reinforcement mesh, sized to suit the specific project, joined together with vertical lattice girders with the void formers trapped between the top and bottom mesh reinforcement to fix their optimum position.

They determine the division of the building into individual rooms or at least dictate the structure of the aesthetic impression. Traditionally, Cobiax void formers are incorporated into the building process on the construction site in-situ concreteaccording to the slaab requirements.

This has been confirmed by a life cycle analysis of the product from manufacture to sustainable demolition. Beam solutions often require time-consuming intermediate steps during the building process.


Therefore, Cobiax buildings regularly win international prizes for environment-conscious building. This is only valid when considering the voided biaxial slabs technology. The fire resistance is dependent on the temperature in the rebars and hence the transport of heat. The numerous advantages of the Cobiax technology lead to an increased value for all stakeholders involved in the design and exe- cution process of concrete structures for buildings.

It may require cleanup to comply with Wikipedia’s content policies, particularly neutral point of view. While a true biaxial slab as the BubbleDeck system must be calculated as a solid slab, ribbed slab systems, like the U-boot system, consisting of a grid of orthogonal “I” beams, must be calculated as beams. Slab thickness from 20 to 40 cm with one layer Up to 70 cm with two layers.

Higher profitability In many cases, the limited depth required for the slab, means that more storeys become possible. Retrieved from ” https: This results in a high weight-bearing slab construction, that not only saves material concretebut also enables larger spaces to be spanned at the same weight.

The voids are positioned in the middle of the cross section, where concrete has limited effect, while maintaining solid sections in top and bottom where high stresses can exist. Most attempts have consisted of laying blocks of a less heavy material like expanded polystyrene between the bottom and top reinforcement, while other types included waffle slabs and grid slabs. Of these types, only waffle slabs can be regarded to have a certain use in the market.