The USPS commercial invoice template is only available from the USPS website and at no fee for the form and the only cost being its shipping (different. PS Form , Commercial Invoice, now has a unique barcode number. You may no longer print this form from the Internet. You must order hard copies of the . PS Form , Commercial Invoice. Use only with GXG. PS Form is used. Only for GXG letters and packages. Refer to Global Express Guaranteed.

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Therefore, a receipt or estimated value of the product is required. There are three ways to obtain customs forms: Commercial Shipments, those resulting from a profitable transaction, will generally need the Invoice information and in most cases a copy of the Invoice accompanying the freight.

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Or complete and print just the customs forms online. The good news is USPS customs forms are self-explanatory. Review then implement the steps in the previous section to obtain a copy of this form.

USPS Customs Form; USPS Customs Declaration –

Insert all documents in PS Form E plastic envelope when complete. As long as you know the basics — customs form types, how to fill them out, and how to submit them — you can breeze through your international shipments.


Make sure you have three copies that provide this information legibly. Address It Accurately A complete and correct address speeds delivery.

Therefore, they give the forms for free to the general public. If innvoice is a corporate entity that requires a suffix in its Name, make sure to include it properly i. In addition, the USPS will require other details about the package including the weight, item description, and any other details as needed. The individual who is physically supplying the information to this Invoice must make a record of his or her identity using the boxes in item Complete a Customs Form Print your international postage with Click-N-Ship invouce our tool creates the customs forms for you.

Once your international package is ready, it goes to the USPS. Every country has its own rules; some may surprise you.

International Mail

Sign-up for our newsletter! PS Form is only required when shipping pw select destination countries. In some cases, the Recipient Address is not the final destination. This form is primarily used for tax reasons, primarily, the value-added tax VAT by the receiving country. For a faster checkout process the next time a visitor comes to the site, the USPS requires all users have an account before an order may be processed. What are your three options?


Finally, the Recipient must have the reason for inboice Shipment documented in item 3j. To check the size, measure the longest side of the box. Take care not to mark commercial products as gifts, as this is considered mail fraud and is prosecuted by law.

There are three ways to obtain customs forms:. Currency Type And Amount. For instance, it may be one in a multiple-stop Trade Show tour or the loading dock of a freight forwarder.

USPS Commercial Invoice Template – Form PS 6182

Using the Corm Websitethe user can go through the checkout and elect to have the forms delivered to them via standard mail. If this is unavailable, you may leave this area blank. Printing and Postal Services. At a USPS locationthey will be able to provide an almost unlimited amount of copies for free.

The weight limit for Priority Mail Express International flat rate boxes is 20 lbs. Do not commeercial more than one of these boxes. Once they come in the mail the forms will be ready for immediate use.