componential analysis of meaning as it is considered to be an important . have defended a componential approach to semantics within a philosophical and. Componential analysis is a way proposed by the structural of a word can be dissected into meaning components, called semantic features. componential analysis. a method of semantic analysis. modelled on phonology. isolating the smallest units. phonology: the phoneme (or phonetic feature).

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A word can have different meanings in different fields. In Table 5 we find the complementary pattern exemplified. A method in both semantic and cultural description, componential analysis is perhaps best characterized as a method of ideography.

Componential analysis

Furthermore, Componentkal has developed these three basic steps into six procedural steps which are important for analyzing the components of a related set of meanings All semantic elements in a word are not equally important. Reference is usually described as the relation established between linear unit and a referent, while naming is the specific act of designating a referent.

Componential analysis feature analysis or contrast analysis is the analysis of words through structured sets of semantic featureswhich senantics given as “present”, “absent” or “indifferent with reference to feature”. Retrieved from ” https: Below is the matrix which represents unique analysis of each term in the kinship system.

The diversity of view points, especially in describing spatial relations. It leads us, among other things, to recognize hierarchies of subject matter or of semantic domains. The method of componential analysis has been applied almost entirely to delimiting and depicting the ideational structure of terminological systems.

Componential Analysis

Componential analysis has been directed primarily at systematically contrasting the sets of denotata of the several expressions within single domains wnalysis subdomains. A lexeme is built up of smaller components of meaning which are combined differently to form a different lexeme.

To contrast the denotata of English dog and mackerel is to result in a bundle of discriminating features that also discriminate between cat and pickerel, dog and pickerel, and cat and mackerel.


Analysis has shown that the several expressions within a domain can be sorted into sets so that all the expressions in a set have mutually exclusive denotata at a given hierarchical level and differ from one another with respect to one or several dimensions of discrimination such as the several dimensions used to discriminate uncle from nephew, aunt, etc. Componential analysis has a useful part to play in i to the description of meanings of lexemes Jackson, For father and mother, as related to any one ego, there would presumably be only one referent.

So the essential features that form the meaning are elementary units on semantic level. CA is a method typical of structural semantics which analyzes the structure of a words meaning.

Expressions such as father-in-law, mother-in-law, stepfather, and stepmother are all regarded as separate semantic units and should be treated only as parts of extended domain, since they are clearly secondary in formal as well as semantic structure.

Structural semantics and the componential analysis were patterned on the analysiss methods of the Prague Schoolwhich described sounds by determining the absence and presence of features.

In its concern with signification and definitive attributes, componential analysis starts with extensional definitions listings of denotata and seeks to reduce them to intensional definitions.

His published data, which appear in Table 1, provide the material for analysis here. Moala is an island in Fiji whose social sfmantics has been described by Sahlins The semantic structure of a lexeme is treated as a system of meanings. At the same time an inferential component may be explicitly stated, e.

Remember me on this computer.

Moieties are entirely absent from Moalan society. Hierarchical relationships among the significata of words and expressions seem obvious enough to speakers of English in an English example, but they appear to componentkal characteristic of at least large portions of vocabulary in all languages.


Such systems produce large, complicated componential matrices.

Every consanguineally related pair in the same generation in the chain of genealogical connection between ego and alter are a of different sex an odd number of times or b of different sex an even number of times or not at all when there is a marital tie in the most junior generation in the relationship.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Linguistic Basis for Componential Analysis The actual linguistic procedures employed in CA consists of four types, they are naming, paraphrasing, defining, and classifying. General procedure in the method. For example, barn and shed would be looser synonyms. Its Structure and Use. Adapted from Sahlins Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. Anthropological Linguistics 3, no.

In Conklin published the conclusions of a similar analysis of Hanunoo color categories. It is often seen as a process of breaking down the sense of a word into its minimal distinctive features; that is, into components which contrast with other components.

Componential analysis – Wikipedia

However, it is possible to deny this inference, e. On one hand, componential analysis gave birth to various models in generative semanticslexical field theory and transformational grammar.

None of which have anything to do with a louse. By componential analysis, it is possible to state the smallest indivisible units of lexis or minimal components Aitchison, The meaning of even in contexts such as even john kissed Marry, John even kissed Marry, and John kissed even Marry is paralleled to some extent by only, e. The word repent has three diagnostic components: The first ethnographic use of the method illustrated the categorization of kinship relations in Analysiw Goodenough