Confrontation was the precursor to GW’s Necromunda, which is still in publication today as part of their Specialist Games range. Confrontation. Page 1 of 5 – Confrontation – StD’s Necromunda thread. – posted in + Necromunda: Underhive +: Well as we will soon get another edition of. Perhaps the most striking difference between Necromunda and Confrontation is that the latter doesn’t class gangs according to the house they.

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I saw it – I heard it. Log in and join the community. A recent re-reading confirmed to me that the descriptions of the Hive world are as evocative and original as I remember them being.

Necromunda First Releases (Confrontation) – Collectors Guide

Just not quite 28mm tiny lol. You currently have javascript disabled. Haha Trex is pretty much spot on!

Been tinkering with bits, still need to do little bits of filling here and there and the leader needs a skirt and her boots need finishing Reyner and Sister Alessia like this. I suspect it first emerged as one of the named recruiting worlds for the Imperial Guard. Confrontation – StD’s Necromunda thread. Cultist confrotnation my Slaaneshi Pleasure Cult.

Although Confrontation shared a similar game-system and rules with the necromuda Necromundathere were many noticeable differences. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality.


Caryatids were an important element to a gang leader’s social status. Unfortunatly my imaginations broken atm, I confrlntation getting cranky because nothing seemed to work, and Ale’cias bloody shotgun kept falling off. OMG Disney Princess gang would be so cool! I know it is less metal but it is more practical. Oh what band logo should I graffiti on the wall?

Babes in Toyland and Bikini Kill would make good gang names I think. Currently I have or am working on an Escher gang, a Brat gang, a Scavvy gang Confrontation style Scavs, not the toxic looking ‘Munda scavs and a ‘Wastelanders’ gang I play a lot of Fallout and Boarderlands I run using the ‘Unknown Warriors’ rules to create my own gang.

Posted 27 August – I think I need to step away from the laptop for a bit and actually leave the house. If you already have an account, login here – otherwise create an account for free today! And with a new Gang: I think shotgun guy might just need a lil bit of a neck. Necgomunda maybe a gang based on Disney Princesses!!!! Edited by Brother Tyler, 30 November – Hopefully I will get my stuff back soon so I can crack on and get the ball rolling.

Posted 20 August – Tears of Envy 4 August at Sign In Create Account. Due to the hype surrounding NuMunda I want to try something new whilst I am all twitchy and excited. Necromnuda might look into making a thread myself, maybe for people to post a picture or two of their stuff each. Confrontation was a tabletop wargame serialised in White Dwarf Magazine in the early s. Community Forum Software by IP. Most of the weapons for Confrontation were taken from Rogue Traderand remained in the Warhammer 40, 2 nd Edition where they were included in Necromunda.


Necromunda meets Laserburn – with even more Grit | Confrontation | BoardGameGeek

Confrontation was a response to this and focused on the creation and development of small “gangs” of individual fighters. The differences between Confrontation and the younger Necromunda rules in includes the following: The suffering of strangers, the agony of friends. Retrieved from ” http: Some womens Cybergoth clothes necromunva the hell out of me, how they manage to stay on without straps or warp magic is mind boggling.

From Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum. Good guess and that would be so punk! Annoyingly most of the images are on my old laptop that I don’t have access to at the moment, these are all I could find at the moment. Knives could be also thrown in Confrontation and armour was treated more individually with helmets, body armour, coifs, shields and Power shieldsspecific parts of power armour and even confrontatlon Terminator armour.

His poems or the bohemian ocnfrontation