With this book Robert Graves again demonstrates his command of a vast historical subject, creating a startling and vivid picture of a decadent era. Read more. A review y David Maclaine of the historical novel Count Belisarius by Robert Graves. A vigorous tale, lacking the completely distinctive qualities of a hero that made Claudius so exceptional, Belisarius retains the same.

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Another historical novel by Graves, Count Belisariusrecounts the career of the Byzantine general Belisarius. As he was nearby and I was looking for something interesting to read, I asked his recommendation.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Count Belisarius is one of the few that takes place after the Fall of Rome. I find it difficult to work up a self-righteous rage over anything anymore; it’s too easy to become inured to atrocity and hypocrisy when you’re bombarded by examples of it every time you glance at a monitor.

For me, I was a little disappointed; not the same calibre as I Claudius. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Het is geen roman zoals je die vaak leest.

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Re-reading this amazing fictionalized account of one of my favorite periods of history. By the halfway mark I found myself skimming, and I read the rest of the belisafius in that fashion, hoping it would grab me again at some point, but it never really did.

The book is narrated by Eugenius, the eunuch slave of Antonina, the entertainer and prostitute whom we first meet at a soiree given by the fourteen year old Belisarius’s tutor. I prefer the historical cojnt of Mary Renault, and do not care for Stephen Prssfield at all; but Graves deserves to be read for his own style.

Graves’ book about his service in the trenches of WWI was required reading and it was head shoulders above the other books on belisarous required reading list.


Count Belisarius by Robert Graves

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Irredeemable Corruption and Unwavering Loyalty: This book is everything that pleases me because ggraves gives me information that is pertinent to today. The preening, jealous figure of the Emperor Justinian is somehow able to grind the tattered remnants of the Empire into shreds without anyone raising more than a failed assasination attempt as a rebellion.

If you like any of the classical histories mentioned, you will like this book. There is court intrigue read politicsthere is intra- and international intrigue. Inhe published Lawrence and the Arabsa commercially successful biography of T. He organized the reconquest of Africa from the Vandals, Italy from the Ostrogoths, and southern Spain from the Visigoths. There is the overwhelming destruction of the populace, both rich and poor, loss of family names, estates, wealth, and often life.

Per chi non ama le descrizioni belisariu e un ritmo narrativo decisamente lento conviene lasciar perdere. But all the while, undermined by the Eastern Emperor Justinian, jealous of his popularity. He also deals with machinations grwves the court of Justinian and Theodora set against the broader history of that period. Graves also suffered from shell shock, or neurasthenia robrt it is sometimes called, although he was never hospitalised for it.

COUNT BELISARIUS by Robert Graves | Kirkus Reviews

I have to say that I enjoyed the science fiction classic very much indeed. With some of them reasons for this are not hard to find, but with others it is quite surprising. Dad told me that one of his favorite authors was Robert Graves whose novels had seen him through much of World War II on shipboard in both theatres.

But Graves made a surprising choice that makes the book even more interesting. Belisarius is portrayed as impossibly good and honourable and both of belisafius main female characters Antonina and Theodora, Justinian’s wife spend much time scheming. This Byzantine Empire -related article is a stub.


Probabilmente fin troppo leale.

A book offering their perspectives could have really flown. Belisarius was, historically speaking, a bit beyond me. If you can imagine Darth Vader as a good guy, you will have some sort of idea of Robert Graves was one of the best historical novelists who ever lived, and this book is one of the many showcases of his talent.

I had never readso I took advantage of the mis-delivery and read what was delivered. It is a book to plunder for it lessons gdaves they are worth so much. View all 4 comments. Although fiction, Graves’ depiction of Belisarius’ life is informative.

The women in this story absolutely steam roll over the men, with no remorse or doubt. If you are a seller for this product, robsrt you like to suggest updates through seller support? He is deeply Christian Orthodox but with an admirable tolerance for divergent views Arianism, Monophysitism, etc. Instead of being inside the heads of Belisarius or Justinian or their wives, belisaius can only observe them and get no sense of character development or motivation.

Very readable and evocative of a time and place long gone now. Graves, who is no slouch when it comes to historical fiction, does well here. Belisario, sua moglie Antonina padrona di Eugenioe la coppia imperiale formata da quelle due volpi di Giustiniano e Teodora.