Cross-Cultural Psychology: Critical Thinking and Contemporary Applications, Fifth Edition, 5th Edition. Eric B. Shiraev, George Mason University and North. Cross-Cultural Psychology: Critical Thinking and Contemporary Applications, Fifth Edition. Front Cover. Eric B. Shiraev, David A. Levy. Eric Shiraev was raised in the former Soviet Union and David Levy is from Southern Intended as a text for courses on cross-cultural psychology, multicultural.

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Dynamic author team provides comprehensive overview with focus on critical-thinking. The fifth edition continues a heavy focus on applying critical thinking framework in examining, analyzing, and evaluating psychological data. With significant rewriting and additional new topics, updated references on new research, and MySearchLab with an interactive eText, Cross-Cultural Psychology keeps pace with the rapidly changing conditions of modern times. The dynamic team from two different worlds bring a unique set of experiences and perceptions in writing this book.

The authors do a great job of weaving this element into every chapter. This is an extremely important skill to emphasize for students of cross-cultural psychology and this textbook would definitely help students to develop this mode of thinking. Love all the quotes, Critical thinking and A Case in Point sections! It is by far one of the more insightful and well researched texts on cross-cultural psychology.

The authors’ writing style tends to engage and keep students interested in the topic. The psycholoby emphasis on critical thinking is also important in laying a foundation for the study of cross-cultural psychology and research.

This product is part of the following series. Click on a series title to see the full list of products in the series. Found in this Section: Sensation, Perception, and States of Consciousness. Differentiating Dichotomous Variables and Continuous Variables: Black and White, or Shades of Gray? Viewing the World through Schema-Colored Glasses.

The Fundamental Attribution Error: Underestimating the Impact of External Influences. Bidirectional Causation and Culural Causation: Causal Ahiraev and Compound Pathways. The Belief Perseverance Effect: Explaining Group Differences in Test Scores: Intelligence and Intelligent Behavior. Differences in Emotional Experience. When Emotions Signal a Challenge: Cross-Cultural Research on Stress and Anxiety. Pearson offers special pricing when you package your text with other student resources.


If you’re interested in creating a cost-saving package for your students, contact your Pearson rep. Eric Shiraev is a professor, researcher, and author. He took his academic degrees at St. He served at various positions at St. His research interests are diverse.

He is an author, co-author, and co-editor of twelve books and numerous publications in the fields of global studies, history of science, cross-cultural studies, and political psychology. In his publications, he develops a distinct multi-disciplinary approach to whiraev human behavior. Besides teaching and scholarly work, Eric Shiraev writes opinion essays for the media around the world.

He resides near Washington DC. Levy has extensive experience as a teacher, therapist, writer, and researcher.

Cross-Cultural Psychology : Critical Thinking and Contemporary Applications, Sixth Edition

He is Professor of Psychology at Pepperdine University’s Graduate School of Education and Psychology, where he has been teaching graduate courses since He received his B. He served as Visiting Professor of Psychology in the Soviet Union, where he delivered lectures and workshops in psychology and psychotherapy at Leningrad now St. Levy holds professional licenses both in psychology and in marriage and family therapy.

He has worked in a wide range of private practice and inpatient psychiatric settings, he has supervised clinical interns, and he has utilized his expertise in psychological testing particularly the MMPI in forensic cases. His numerous theoretical and empirical research studies have been published in scientific journals and presented at professional conferences. His book, “Tools of Critical Thinking: Metathoughts for Psychology,” garnered widespread acclaim in both academic and clinical settings for its innovative approaches to improving thinking skills.

Critical Thinking and Contemporary Applications,” which became an internationally best-selling textbook.

Levy is the author of “Family Therapy: History, Theory, and Practice,” which was the first textbook on the topic available to Russian readers. Levy is also the author of numerous satirical articles, including “The Emperor’s Postmodern Clothes: He has also worked as a professional director, producer, writer and actor in motion pictures, television and stage.

He received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Performance in a Network Television Series, and he was a guest star on the television cultuarl “Cheers,” where he portrayed the leader of Frasier’s low self-esteem group. We don’t recognize your username or password.

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Cross-Cultural Psy – Eric Shiraev

If You’re an Educator Download instructor resources Additional order info. If You’re a Student Additional order info. Learning Goals Upon completing this book, readers should be able to: Better understand the field of cross-cultural psychology Understand contemporary theories and research in cross-cultural psychology Use critical thinking to examine, analyze, and evaluate the field of cross-cultural psychology Assist current and future practitioners from a wide variety of fields and services.

Series This product is part of the following series. Over 30 exercises strategically placed throughout the book can be utilized in any number of ways, including classroom discussions, demonstrations, debates, individual or group take-home assignments, term papers, and oral presentations. MySearchLab with eText provides engaging experiences that personalize learning, and comes from a trusted partner with educational expertise and a deep commitment to helping students and instructors achieve their goals.

New to This Edition. The most current cross-cultural research on a wide range of topics including ethnic and religious identity, psychological effects of globalization, spirituality, cross-cultural communication, evolutionary anthropology, cultural stereotypes, psychotherapy and counseling, mistakes of social perception, intelligence, collectivism, cultural adjustment, suicide, stigma of mental illness, national character, values, and methodology of research.

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