CS Computer graphics lecture notes ANNA UNIVERSITY CS Computer graphics lecture notes CSE 6TH SEMESTER. computer graphics. Uploaded by. Saravanan Nallusamy. Cg Unit 1 5 Notes. Uploaded by. YeshvanthYesh. CS Computer Graphics UNIT I Notes. Uploaded. CS Computer Graphics. Unit -I. UNIT I – 2D PRIMITIVES Output primitives Line, Circle and Ellipse drawing algorithms – Attributes of output primitives Two.

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It means how long they continue to emit light after the electron beam is r emoved. Explain in detail about DDAline algorithm. What are the different types of parallel projections? The three electron beams ar e deflected and focused as a group onto the shadow mask, which contains a series of very fine holes aligned with the phosphor dot patterns. What is polygon clipping? What is meant by clipping? Obtain a transformation matrix for rotating an object about a specified pivot point.

Answer- Features of inkjet printers are- 1.

Question Define Random and Raster scan displays? Write down any two line attributes.

What is the minimum amount of video RAM that the computer must have tosupport the above-mentioned resolution and number of colors?

Explain in detail about clipping algorithms. The only part that requires replacement is ink cartridge. Explain Back face detection method and Depth buffer method. What is Julia sets? Non-emissive displays use optical effects to convert sunlight or light from some other source into graphics patterns. Which shading method is faster and easier to calculate? Answer- Following are the applications of computer graphic 1.


Question-5 What is scaling in computer graphics? Computer Science and Engineering.

Anna University Subject Notes And Question Papers: IT

A monitor or display sometimes called a visual display unit is a piece of electrical equipment which displays images generated by devices such as computers, without producing a permanent record. Aspect ratio is a number which gives the ratio of vertical points to horizontal points necessary to produce equal length lines in both directions on the screen. Explain different types of color model in detail. Brief about select function and shut down functions.

On some raster scan systems, each frame is displayed in two passes using an interlace d refresh procedure. Define computer graphics and list out the types of computer graphics. Two layers of phosphor red and green are coated onto the inside of the CRT screen, the displ ayed colors depends on how far the electron beam penetrates into the phosphors layers.

This technique is used in raster scan display devices. What are the types of projection? Explain Two Dimensional Viewing.


What is the basic line attributes?


Therefore better print compkter is achieved. Contrasting in random scan displays the ele ctron beam is directed to the parts of the screen where a picture is to be drawn.

A line printer and dot-matrix printer are examples. Briefly discuss about logically classification of input devices. Question-6 What are the hardware devices used for computer graphics?

Derive the decision parameters for the algorithm and write down the algorithm steps. Explain about socket, connect, bind, listen coputer accept functions. What are the disadvantages of DDA algorithm?

This number is butwhich implies that 16 bits are being used to represent the computerr of each pixel on the display. How will you clip a point? Composite monitors are the adaptations of TV sets that allow bypass of the broadcast circuitry. Raster or Bitmap cmoputer are resolution dependent because of this its not possible to increase or decrease their size without sacrificing on image quality.

Calculate the perspective view of the cube on XY plane. Define i aspect ratio ii Persistence iii Resolution What is HSV model? What is the purpose of presentation graphics?