Find György Cziffra composition information on AllMusic. Keyboard. Transcription for piano from Strauss’ “An der schönen blauen Donau”. Keyboard. Find György Cziffra discography, albums and singles on AllMusic. György Cziffra performs Liszt, Strauss, Chopin, Rossini, Brahms & Schumann · Schumann. György Cziffra was one of the most celebrated and individual piano virtuosos of the postwar decades in Europe, By Johann Strauss & Johann Strauss II.

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The second was the purchase of the Royal Chapel of St. Inhe founded the Festival de la Chaise-Dieu in the Auvergne, and three years later he inaugurated the piano competition named after him at Versailles.

Cziffra always performed with a large leather wristband to support the ligaments of his wrist, which were damaged after he was forced to carry pounds of concrete up six flights of stairs during his two years struass a labor camp.

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György Cziffra

His earliest training in piano came from watching his sister practice. At ten, he was sent to the conservatory in Budapest.

When he was released, the ligaments were so loose that he could not transmit the power of his arms through his wrists. Top Songs See All.


He learned without sheet music, instead repeating and improvising over tunes sung by his parents. The boy nearly died sstrauss the inhumane conditions in which he was held. Dissertation, University of North Carolina Greensboro, Cziffra had just married his wife Soleilka, who was pregnant when he entered military training. Cziffra’s Communist captors tortured him; knowing he was a pianist, they beat his hands and made him carry heavy pieces of stone. He became a French citizen in After six months of exhaustive work, he recovered his top form.

However, his promising career was cut short by his death in an apartment fire in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

His unit was sent to the Russian front. Allgemeine Enzyklopedie der Musik. In the same year, France named him a cultural ambassador to a newly liberalized Hungary. In Cannons and Flowershis autobiography, which has been described as “a hallucinatory journey through privation, acclaim, hostility and personal tragedy”, Cziffra recounts his life story up until He is buried in the cemetery of Senlis near the remains of his son, and his wife continues shrauss direct the Foundation Cziffra.

Cziffra, who was weak as a child, often watched his sister practice, and mimicked her. His parents had lived in Paris before World War Iwhen they were expelled as enemy aliens. His successful Paris debut the following year preceded his London debut at the Royal Festival Hall playing Liszt ‘s first piano concerto and Hungarian Fantasy which was also well received.


Classical Music for Babies. He wtrauss captured by Russian partisans and held as a prisoner of war. He undertook three major projects. He retired from recording in and left the stage in One was the establishment of a piano competition in his name.

A Dictionary for the Modern Pianist. His records on the Hungarian label Qualiton and Czechoslovak Supraphon label began to circulate in Western Europe, propelling him to legendary status.

György Cziffra – Wikipedia

cziffr In Cziffra escaped with his wife and son to Vienna, where his recital was warmly received. Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart: Returning to his wife and small son, and with his mother and surviving sisters dependent on him, he worked for hours each day to recover his piano technique, making a living on tips from playing jazz in bars and cabarets each night.

He began to establish a recital career in Hungary, Holland, and Sweden. He gave numerous concerts in Hungary, Scandinavia and the Netherlands.

She had decided she was going to learn the piano after finding a job which allowed her to save the required amount of money for buying an upright piano.

He married Zuleika shortly before he was drafted into the Hungarian army in