3MXS40 K3V1B2, , PDF. 3MXS52 E4V1B2, , PDF. 3MXS68 G3V1B2, , PDF. 4MXS68 F3V1B2, , PDF. 4MXS80 E3V3B2, , PDF. 5MXS90 E3V3B2 . 6 items Outdoor Unit, 2MXS50F, 3MXS52E, 3MXS68E, 4MXS80E Daikin DC Inverter models are equipped with the Reluctance DC motor for compressor. Daikin 4MXS80E Multi-Split Air Conditioner Outdoor Unit. Multi-split air conditioner outdoor unit. Up to 4 indoor units can be connected. Product SKU: 4MXS80E.

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Westward — bright sunset shining; northward — windy How to reduce power consumption of an air conditioner?

Outdoor Unit Daikin 4MXS80E –

A higher COP means greater energy efficiency. The ample maximum piping length of 70 m permits more freedom in the placement of air conditioner units and facilitates the optimisation of interior space. Cooling capacity is based on: Get timely information on new products, offers and promotions.

When installation works are performed it is not necessary for all of the units to be fixed simultaneously, i. Please click the linkage below to visit Chung Yuen eShop: Swing compressor hanks to its smooth rotation, the swing compressor decreases friction and vibration. Valutazioni dei nostri clienti. Configure your system with this engine Do you need a quote for installation?

All of the indoor units can be controlled separately.

Useful Tips

Various types of indoor units — wall, ceiling concealed, floor ones with various capacity can be combined in applications of the Multi system. Using air-conditioner which has inverter technology, as it can make the indoor temperature more comfortable; saving energy; saving money, and be more environmental friendly Close the doors and windows properly to avoid leakage of cooling air from indoor, and uses curtains to block sunlight for avoiding heat radiation into indoor How to maintain air conditioners?


The minimum outdoor unit sound level is 44 dB A. A neodymium magnet is approximately 10 times stronger than a standard ferrite magnet. We wish all our customers happy holidays. They start operation when the temperature rises and stop when the room reaches the set temperature and then switch to low-capacity operation.

The system requires only a single outdoor unit. Spoiled for Choice Various types of indoor units — wall, ceiling concealed, floor ones with various capacity can be combined in applications of the Multi system. Subscribe to our newsletter. Opinions Add comment Names: What if the package arrives damaged? The choice should be based on the size of the house, house direction and your own budget When you buy an air conditioner, you should consider the following factors, COP value, quietness, air volume, air flow, temperature control, size, appearance, comfort, durability, user-friendly operation interface and functions.

This motor can save energy because it generates more power with a smaller electric power than an AC or conventional DC motor. Consumption power – heating Min. The multi system can operate with up to 9 indoor units and with only one outdoor unit thus spearing working space and installation expenses.

Long piping length for installation flexibility. Write Your Own Review Only registered users can write reviews. Our staff is qualified and experienced and it has all the necessary equipment to design and install any air conditioning systems to perfection. So the perfect unit can be chosen for the bedroom, the living room, the office or any other room according to the installation location or personal requirements. Only mm is required above the ceiling for installation.

Turn off the air-conditioner 30 minutes before leaving the room, using the cold room effect, which will save more energy and money. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

Capacity may decrease when quiet functions are selected. Due to the motor and the compressor are placed in the outdoor unit and copper pipes are used to connect the indoor unit, it makes the installation more flexible, but needs to be installed by professionals. The warranty will apply to products that show conformity defects or faults not found or found at the time of purchase, provided they have been used correctly and in compliance with their destination and as required by any technical documents.


Please feel free to contact us for more information or a customized quote. As a result, inverter air conditioners are more energy-saving and comfortable than non-inverter air conditioners. Please, log in or register. Elettrodomex Srl undertakes, during the warranty period specified below, to repair at its warehouse or replace as soon as possible those parts or products that prove defective, provided that this does not depend on breakages or failures caused by incompetence or negligence of the customer, lack of maintenance, use outside the technical specifications or purposes of use, fortuitous events or major force.

Residential | Products | Daikin Air Conditioning (Hong Kong)

Compact outdoor units for a less obtrusive exterior look. Air Conditioning in Every Room The multi system can operate with up to 9 indoor units and with only one outdoor unit thus spearing working space and installation expenses. Configure your system with this engine.

Possibility to connect up to a maximum 4 indoor units. Our technicians are in fact equipped with refrigeration licenseas required by law, and perform regular refresher courses directly from the parent companies ; therefore they are familiar with all the characteristics of the products sold on Shopclima.