Deathwatch Living Errata – Fantasy Flight Games. Views Black Crusade Errata / FAQ – Fantasy Flight Games · that were overlooked when compiling the Deathwatch errata: .com/index. php?/topic/deathwatch-living-erratafaq/?p= Deathwatch House Rules – Version Newby Basis: Uses Deathwatch Core Book with Living Errata p. Sound Constitution (Talent).

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Don’t want to pester him. Might I suggest raising the Clip to and giving it the Storm ability? This is a Free Action. At the GM’s discretion, a weapon might be requisitioned like a cybernetic i. Posted January 18, If you need more eerata that, you probably need to use those bolts better, or to ensure you have supply drops prepared.

He chooses to return to Solo Mode. Posted January 5, For now, I go with ‘yes’.

Deathwatch – Living Errata v1.1

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. He falls unconscious or dies. I simply dont get it. FFG Ross Watson said: To enter Squad Mode, a Battle-Brother must adjust his tactics, note the positions of his Kill-team, and prepare for close unit actions—all of which requires an effort on the part of the Space Marine, one that comes easier with experience and the support of a loyal and trusted squad.

If the Kill-team becomes separated during the Mission its members may form multiple Squads for the purpose of Squad Mode abilities so long as all the requirements of entering Squad Mode are met and the Support Ranges of the multiple squads do not overlap.


Force Fields get resolved on a per-hit basis and not per attack.

My playtest group can now stop harassing Ross about it each and every submission. By default, only standard gear or Signature Weapons may be mounted on a Machinator Array.

A squad may continue to be in Squad Mode and sustain abilities between combat encounters as long as its members remain in Support Range and the Kill-team has at least 1 point of Cohesion.

Posted January 16, I would find that pretty fair, all in all. Thanks Ross and everyone for getting this out. Register a new account. I’ve had both a Broodlord and a Tyranid Prime two-shotted with Hellfire. And you and your playtest group should be awarded imperial laurels for this heroic display of endurance in the face of dire circumstances too.

Recovering Lost Cohesion Cohesion is a resource that must be used wisely by the Killteam during the course of a Mission and typically they will only have a handful points at their disposal. Posted January 19, Good improvement for melee I guess. Posted January 5, That would work pretty well as a fix, I wonder if it would have been better just to say that HB can’t get metalstorm ammo.

Sign up for a new account in our community. I agree that the plasma and melta weapons should do more damage than the Bolt Pistol, enough to make it worth it.


The Deathwatch Living Errata is now online! – Deathwatch – FFG Community

Other than the caveat that GMs, if they didn’t want that, could go with the Rule of 3 which, for the Tactical Marine, would llving 9 magazines, since he needs 3 magazines for a single full load of his bolter. Points of Cohesion recovered liiving the Kill-Team during a Mission can exceed the number of Cohesion Points generated at the start of the Mission this may represent the Kill-team learning to work together to accomplish goals.

Some official rule clarifications from the Kiving Forums that were overlooked when compiling the Deathwatch 1. I also have one or two annotations to make: Has someone understood the new wording for the force weapons?

The original values were too high for lower ranks, yet the newer ones might be a bit low for deathwatcch ranks. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

The Astartes Soundstrike ML allows you to freely reload any missile in your possession.

This means, if your kill-team is going crawling on a Space Hulk, you, as the GM, don’t even need to make them waste req-points on Terminator armor, and that req can be spent on other, more ecclectic and possibly neccessary items.