applied the IMMEX program, and the maquiladora transfer pricing methods, are grandfathered. Industry, Maquiladora and Exportation Services (Decreto . maquila program prior to December 31, and that complied. (), Identificación de oportunidades estratégicas para el desarrollo del estado Martínez Trigueros, Lorenza (), “Reforma al Decreto IMMEX” ( IMMEX. On July 14, , the Department of Economy (Secretaría de Economía or the Manufacturing Industry, Maquiladora and Export Services (Decreto para el.

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File monthly consolidated customs declarations pedimentos. Torre Arcos Bosques l. Huevos de aves marinas guaneras.

The general requirements for the A modality must be fulfilled in addition to the following: Monos simios de las variedades Macacus rhesus o Macacus cercophitecus. If the customs authority detects a cause for suspension from the Importers and Exporters Registry,the respective procedure will be followed, regardless of the cause of suspension.

Taxpayers must not be on the xecreto of debtor companies, of those who have committed a tax crime, or on the list of taxpayers who issue receipts without having the authority to do so, published by the SAT articles 69 and B, paragraph 3 of the CFF, except for that established in section VI of article Maquila contract, purchase contract, purchase orders or confirmed orders, which prove the existence of the export project.

Partes de cortes de calzado, de cuero o piel. Venado rojo Cervus elaphus ; gamo Dama dama. Para tejidos de anchura inferior o igual a 30 cm. The registered address and premises where the decrrto are carried out under the Program must be registered decreto immex active in the Federal Taxpayers Register.


The monthly installed production capacity for the industrial processes, per eight-hour shift, and 4. Desperdicios, desechos o usados previstos en tratados internacionales. Para tejidos de anchura superior a 30 cm, 2009 lanzadera. Grasa o aceite de tortuga. Flamencos; quetzales; guan cornudo; pato real.

The products it manufactures, and. Carnes o despojos de venado.

Letter of conformity from the company or decreto immex which perform the sub-manufacturing process stating under oath the joint liability for the temporarily imported goods original. Agreement amending the miscellaneous provisions which approve the forms to be used for procedures with the Secretariat of Economy, the National Imnex Center, the Mineral Resource Council, the Mining Decretl Trust and the Federal Consumer Protection Agency and their reforms.

Their certificates of digital seals must be up to date and it must not have been proven that they incurred in any violation of article H, section X of the Code decrsto the last 12 months.

Vivas, frescas o refrigeradas. EXE program and submit it on magnetic disc or CD, with two duly completed, printed copies. Lo dispuesto en la regla 3.


Brachydactylous Kris embeds in its mistily glow hood? Bosques de las Lomas. Agentes aduanales que se encuentren activos en el ejercicio de sus funciones. Productos nuevos laqueados, barnizados, pintados, aceitados o con otro recubrimiento de acabado.

VAT refund will be obtained within a term not exceeding 10 days computed as of the day after the filing of the respective request. Calzado para mujeres o jovencitas, excepto lo comprendido en las fracciones De reptiles incluidas las serpientes y tortugas de mar.

Marfil; polvo y desperdicios de marfil. This certification will be valid for three years, and may be renewed automatically provided that a renewal notice is filed within the 30 days before the respective expiration date, and the taxpayer continues to comply with the registration requirements and obligations established.


Those IMMEX companies which perform maquila operations under the terms of the Income Tax Law in effect as of January 1,and which determine taxable profit based on the Safe Harbor mechanism either 6.

De fresno, simplemente desbastada o redondeada, para bastones, paraguas, mangos de herramientas y similares. No additional documentation required with the application. Authorization as a decreto immex company original and copy granted by decreto immex Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit.

Usadas, o nuevas sin laquear, barnizar, pintar, aceitar o con otro recubrimiento de acabado.


Furthermore, on January 1, such Ministry published the Sixth Resolution of Amendments to the Foreign Trade General Rules the “Rules”which went into effect on the day after publication. Derivados clorados del difenilo o del trifenilo. That no unpaid tax liability was assessed by the SAT within the last 24 months before the filing date of the request or applicants evidence that they are covered by the procedure to obtain authorization for the deferred decrdto of the unpaid taxes by installments, or that they have made the respective payment.

En tablas, tablones o vigas. Partes y accesorios de instrumentos musicales de la partida