Die Fledermaus: Libretto (G. Schirmer’s Collection of Opera Librettos) [Johann Strauss] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. (Opera). English . Like Die lustige Witwe, Die Fledermaus had a libretto based on a French comedy by Henri Meilhac, this time written in conjunction with his. Sheet Music – £ – The libretto to this famous Strauss operetta is presented in paperback format and is clearly laid out with the usual scene and stage.

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And surely I’ve such tiny feet — Oh! What a charming little watch! It is a bell. Haven’t you met each other before?

My birdcage is quite close at hand, It’s airy, bright and large ; My birds they are a merry band, And live quite free of charge. You see, sir, I am not staggering. Perhaps he will begin libretto talk French! As sooji as Frosch has dis- appeared, door L is opened.

You are talking awful nonsense. Of course, in a very short skirt. Merci, merci, my dear!

Die Fledermaus (Libretto)

Following the Palais-Royal production, Maximilian Steiner, co-director of the Theater an der Wien, ordered a German translation from the veteran playwright Carl Haffner.

She’s a lady of the hig-hest aristocracy, a Hungarian countess who would like to join our merry party, but has to take certain precautions. That’s rather my case. What is that you have got there? Have you had your send-off yet?


On the grounds of his authorship of La Tzigane! Sweetest bird that wanderest, My entreaties spurning’ ; Bird I have so oft caressed, Come to still my yearning!

Die Fledermaus (Libretto) – Strauss II, Johann (Jr)

Things are beginning to look decidedly uncomfortable when every one’s anxiety is brought to an end by the explanation that it is all an elaborate trick, planned by Dr. Persischer MarschOp. Under the circumstances he naturally assumes that Alfred is his man.

That we shall improve dir acquaintance. An Operette, and certainly one written for a theatre whose co-director was none other than the great Marie Geistinger, could not manage without its prima donna and its soubrette. If I could only find a soothing draught! Librairie Paul Ollendorff, Paris, Anyhow, this piece of news has made me quite sober — I don’t want any more tea.

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I will for a moment dream that I am back in my lost Paradise. For calm we pray, This last display All but gave me away. And I’ll show you what smart attorneys Can invent: Were you always Miss Olga? Best joke I ever heard. Was he at home? Yes, no one else but he’s to blame. It all was accidental, A harmless incident.

But tell me who invited you. I really was bewildered quite. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. How noble of you! The “Champagne song”, which is sung by the entire ensemble, should not be confused with the baritone aria “Fin ch’ han dal vino” from Don Giovanniwhich is often called the “Champagne aria”. What means this mad haste?


Fledermau is threatening vengeance when Rosalinda reveals herself as the lady with whom he had flirted at the ball. Surely this is no time for singing- and dancing. It is very pretty. A lady from the other side of the border has more fire, and would long ago have exploded in oar company.

The Governor of the Gaol here too Frank. They illustrate the poetry of the prison house. There you will find ladies. It seems ide me you mean offence. Alfred, Very well, then. A Marchioness from France behold. You have g-iven me proof enoug-h, and in return, I may as well tell you that Did have come here to serve my eight days’ sentence, and my name is Eisenstein.

The more like you I I want your coat, your wig, your spectacles, and your papers.

Look out of the window, and see who it is. Henceforth we all must be ; I’m sure you will agree.