Die Fledermaus: Libretto (G. Schirmer’s Collection of Opera Librettos) [Johann Strauss] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. (Opera). English . Like Die lustige Witwe, Die Fledermaus had a libretto based on a French comedy by Henri Meilhac, this time written in conjunction with his. Sheet Music – £ – The libretto to this famous Strauss operetta is presented in paperback format and is clearly laid out with the usual scene and stage.

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Though checked, I’m not defeated.

She does just as she pleases. Let a fond embrace Be compact’s confirmation! Will you forgive me it I ask you a question? Retrieved from ” https: It shall be so. A Marchioness from France behold. There is one of the actors in the drama.

Your poor sick aunt! I should like to see her face All.

I do not want every one in the place where I am going to sponge on me. Then let us start. I am very sorry. Oh, the law is ruination, And attorneys are vexation. If you beg our pardon, we will forgive you ; but in future beware of pretty servant girls!


I will fetch Eisenstein.

That’s rather my case. The “Champagne song”, which is sung by the entire ensemble, should not be confused with the baritone aria “Fin ch’ han dal vino” from Don Giovanniwhich is often called the “Champagne aria”. That is the famous spoon bait. Can your Highness prove it? I thank flledermaus sincerely. I’m ready— Go — 34 Both.

Never here should I have sought him.

Full text of “Die fledermaus : a comic operetta in three acts”

Oh yes, they have often tried to send me off! As in the play, the final act opened with a low-comedy scena for a tipsy jailer. Enter Eisenstein iji evening dress. On my nose a pimple’s growing, So my mask I will retain. Quickly drain this cup of wine, Drinking makes the eves to shine. I knew him at once by his tenor voice dei his boldness.

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Love’s a cheat, by whom, you’ll see. Aunt or no aunt, I cie you permission to go out, and I won’t ask any questions. I know of nothing.


Extraordinary that we should never have met before, but in future, I hope often to see you at my little place. Do tell, do tell us what’s occurred! You, you, you — dui du, dui du, dui du.

DIE FLEDERMAUS Comic Operetta in 3 acts | Operetta Research Center

I have received you only to keep my oath, but now — Enough, Surely you don’t wish by librettl this bad joke to compro- mise the woman who once was dear to you. I want a Russian breakfast, caviare, roast beef, herring salad. Welcome, in the name of His Highness. On his departure, the inevitable lover, whose name is Alfred, is not long absent.

Alfred, Very well, then.