Buy Difficult Mothers Reprint by Terri Apter (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Difficult Mothers has ratings and 42 reviews. Terri Apter, an internationally acclaimed psychologist and writer, unlocks the mysteries of this complicated. 7 quotes from Difficult Mothers: Understanding and Overcoming Their Power: ‘ Trying to make sense of other people’s responses to us is a basic human activ.

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Difficult Mothers Quotes

Return to Book Page. However, the subtitle is somewhat misleading. Faced with this unpredictable inconsistency, a child tries to appease the mother, anxious to control and monitor her shifting moods.

We all complain about our mothers, but this author brings to light the painful struggle many of us have in playing the hand we’re dealt at birth. Oct 04, Nik rated it liked it Shelves: It was very informative and had a lot of examples, but a little thin on the ‘how’ to overcome the difficult mother.

To ask other readers questions about Difficult Mothersplease sign up. Apter takes a different approach.

The distinctions between the ‘difficult’ mother and the ‘good enough’ mother were a good addition to the book and injected a measure of realism into the subject.

Loading comments… Trouble aptee Difficult Mothers Quotes Showing of 7. I lacked this facility with my own mother: Great read and relevant for anyone that doesn’t live in complete isolation. Jun 24, Georgia rated it liked it Shelves: If only this book had been around 25 years ago While I certainly did not have a difficult mother, we all have loved ones and acquaintances that have. May 31, Bookish Enchantment Katherine Quirke rated it really liked it.

Release comes from relinquishing the urge to fight one difflcult battle with hereto gain recognition or acceptance or admiration. Now I get it. I used to think “It won’t be so bad if she doesn’t hit me. Mar 09, Audrey Custer rated it really liked it Shelves: Illuminating on a topic which is still considered such a taboo.


May 17, Rosemarie rated it it was amazing. Afterwards one is invited to ask the question “Am I a difficult mother? Overcoming a Difficult Mother’s Power” is about strengthening your sense of self and worthiness in the aftermath of a damaging childhood – or an ongoing relationship with the difficult parent. Retrospect is no guide, despite the soft-psychoanalytic suggestion that one can become a better person by understanding the ways in which one was wronged.

The Emotionally Unavailable Mother – Exactly what it sounds like. Extremely eye-opening and insightful as to how and why life issues are dealt with by all people, whether they be mothers, fathers, grandparents, bosses, co-workers, children, or even yourself. What becomes the familiar, multifaceted, adult personality that we each come to love and loathe can be traced back, branch by branch, to the original “conversations” between mother or main caretaker and child.

Mother love is often seen as sacred, but for many children the relationship is a painful struggle. Trivia About Difficult Mothers Apter’s approach would be to describe all of the core muscles in great detail then say ‘there you go, now do exercises to strengthen them.

Difficult Mothers Quotes by Terri Apter

Telling your story, either to yourself or to others can be therapeutic and the way you tell stories can be an insight into whether you’ll achieve a measure of resilience read the book to find out! Clearly written, insightful and without gobbledegook. I go weak at the knees when she turns against me. Anyway, this book is an insightful look into the mysterious workings of the baby brain, and is great for anyone who is curious about the developmental roots of their own unique personalities.

Nonetheless, I left Difficult Mothers lying around the house, in case my children should be interested. If you are looking to apetr difficult mothers, this is a great choice. The last chapter, “Resilience: I read enough to know that I probably would have been one if I had wanted children in the first place, but I don’t, so – that’s that. Nov aptter, Kerry Lewis rated it it was amazing.


This book might change your life as well.

Difficult Mothers

He was clear that some suggestions would work for some people and some for others, but he did at least suggest a number of ‘tools’ that might be useful in mothfrs the problem. The mind-set is, “I ddifficult succeeding because I can fake excellence, but inside I am not really worthy or not really able. Interesting but did not offer any profound insight into forming a better relationship with a difficult mother. Dealing with a difficult parent aptet a lot of work on your part, because you know in your heart of hearts that your difficult parent won’t meet you half-way.

Compassion – understanding what the parent is feeling and why they may feel that way – is key to helping yourself. Imagine that you are trying to improve your core strength.

Difficult Mothers | W. W. Norton & Company

It pater only when a parent [or anyone] repeatedly and regularly uses anger to close conversations, in the broadest sense of ‘conversation,’ that a dilemma is framed. When I was growing up, I tried all sorts of things to get me through these times.

She’s mad now, but there will come a time when she’s not mad. First, the book explains what difficult mothers are – a mother that YOU experience as difficult.

While staying at a schoolfriend’s house I was taken as a matter of course to view the marital bed, and was solemnly shown, as well as the items on her mother’s dressing table and the contents of her underwear drawer, a tennis ball attached to a length of rope which lay beneath her mother’s pillow. Understanding and Overcoming Their Power. Apr 05, Triecia Gibney rated it really liked it.